Getting around in Utrecht


Utrecht is an amazing city with old canals, a lot of sights and nice bars and restaurants. The old city centre can easily be crossed on foot, while the rest of Utrecht is best visited using a bike or the public transport. On the visitor website of Utrecht ( you can find interesting historical locations, museums, festivals, shops and group activities in the city. And not only does Utrecht have a beautiful old core, a lively student community traverses its streets.

Before and during your stay in Utrecht this website may be very useful to you for all the questions you might have and more: Make sure to check it out!


Finding an accommodation in Utrecht can be quite a challenge. Utrecht is one of the most popular university towns in the Netherlands, and the demand for student housing is very high. It is therefore absolutely necessary to start looking for accommodation as soon as possible (if you are not already).

You may find accommodation via Dutch housing websites such as Kamernet ( and SHH (, which are both accessible in English as well as in Dutch. SSH reserves completely furnished rooms for international students (limited availability, so on first come, first serve basis!). Our Admissions Office can provide you with more information or can assist you in finding housing elsewhere.

Usually, Dutch accommodation websites offer housing to the person with the ‘oldest’ registration number. Some of the accommodation is available immediately, for other you need to be registered for a longer period (between 4-18 months). In case of a room: you are usually invited to a Present Yourself Night. You visit the floor or house in which a room will be vacated, in order to both view the room and meet your prospective co-tenants.

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