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The Study Associations Consultation Humanities (StudieVerenigingenOverleg; SVO) is a faculty platform for all study associations and study foundations at Humanities. It serves as an intermediary between the faculty and the associations.

What does the SVO do?

  • Plan at least 2x per block a consultation where associations can have discussions
  • Organise activities for boards and students, such as Career Night in cooperation with Career Services, the Humanities League, the Humanities Board Dinner and the Let's Go! parties.

The SVO tries to bring students of different studies closer together by organising different activities for the entire faculty. Do you have issues that need to be discussed with us, or are there topics that you would like to raise with our member associations? Please contact us via!

SVO Board 2021-2022

Board 2021-2022

  • Chair/studentassessor – Imke van Dam
  • Secretary – Gracia Nolten
  • Treasurer – Giändra Steenmijn
  • Commissioner PR – Pepijne van Rooijen


The three-year plan will be published shortly.



The SVO can be reached via the following channels:


SVO Humanities
Trans 10
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