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The Study Associations Consultation Humanities (StudieVerenigingenOverleg; SVO) is a faculty platform for all study associations and study foundations at Humanities. It serves as a link between the faculty, the faculty board and the associations.

What does the SVO do?

The SVO brings students from different programs closer together by organizing activities for the entire faculty, such as:

  • the Study Associations Consultation (SVO), at least 2 times per block. During the meeting, student board members of the faculty discuss what is happening within the associations and foundations, as well as within the university and the faculty. Board members share experiences and learn from each other.
  • masterclasses and workshops for student board members to improve their administrative skills.
  • activities for both student board members and students of the faculty, such as the Humanities Career Night in collaboration with Career Services, the Humanities League, and the Let's Go! parties.

If you'd like to discuss something with us or raise an issue with our member associations? Contact us! 

Foto van het bestuur van StudieVerenigingenOverleg Geesteswetenschappen
Board 2022-2023


Board 2023-2024

  • Chair/studentassessor – Pepijne van Rooijen
  • Secretary – Sharon van Berlo
  • Treasurer – Jacob Mitchell
  • Commissioner PR – Roos van den Assem


One of the objectives of the SVO is to bring about knowledge exchange among student board members. During the SVOs, at other faculty meetings and through the Faculty Board, all kinds of information is provided to the study associations and foundations. We are keen to provide you with information on detailed and practical matters so that you, as a study association/foundation, can work on these yourself.

Did not find what you were looking for? On the website of Bestuurlijk Actief you can find more information on topics such as student welfare, rules on substance use and the policy and review framework. So be sure to take a look here!


The SVO can be reached via the following channels:

SVO Humanities
Trans 10
3512 JK Utrecht