Your Perspective: to PhD or not to PhD?
25 April 2018
This event answers all your questions about doing a PhD. What are the pros and cons?
Facultair debat
24 April 2018
Students who wish to participate in international conferences, may apply for a Conference Grant with a maximum of 500 Euro. Next deadline: 1 May.
15 December 2017
The Faculty of Humanities considers it important that Dutch students are adequately prepared for the increasingly international labour market
16 June 2017
Deadline for course enrolment is 25 June
8 June 2015
Utrecht Data School offers a 2-term practicum on data-driven practices and research methods for students from all disciplines.




20 - 24
20 August 2018 -
This summer school focuses on critical posthuman theory and the ethical implications of posthumanism.

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