Study places and material

Available study places

You can book a study place in Utrecht University Library on We also provide study spaces that can be used without reservation.

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» Study places for students

As a Humanities student you can find available places to study in the centre of Utrecht, but also in the Uithof (Utrecht Science Park). During exam periods the libraries, among other buildings, have longer opening hours and there are additional study places available. In the evening it is less busy in the libraries. .You can reserve a spot in these buildings through Resource Booker.

Rules study places

Everyone gets to use the study places, but do keep the following rules in mind. They can differ somewhat per building.

  • In the libraries you can leave your place for a maximum of 30 minutes. If you leave for a longer period of time, your belongings will be put away and another person can take your place.
  • You can not eat food at (computer) study places. You are allowed to bring a closed bottle of water with you.
  • You are not allowed to make phone calls at study places.
  • After use, leave the place clean. Throw away trash, put the seats and tables back in the original position.
  • Only use a study place for studying, not for private matters.

Study material: bound readers

Do you want to receive a bound readers? Then there is the option to produce one at cost price via Printing on Demand (payment via IDEAL). You Ordered readers will be send to you at postage cost by regular mail. You should receive these within five working days.

For questions or problems concering digital readers and Printing on Demand, you can contact the University library via email: