Binding study advice

This bachelor is subject to a binding study advice (BSA). The BSA is a decision by the Board of Examiners about the continuation of your studies, based on your study progress. It is possible to obtain 60 EC during the first year, if you keep to the prescribed pace. If you obtain 45 EC or more during your first year, you will receive a positive BSA and may re-enrol next year. If you do not succeed in obtaining 45 EC, you will receive a negative BSA and are not allowed to continue with the study programme. To give you as much support as possible, you will meet at least twice with your tutor during the first year to discuss (primarily) your study progress, motivation and choices.

You will receive your BSA at the end of the first year at your e-mailadress.

  • positive BSA: at least 45 EC. Please note: credits obtained prior to this year or exemptions granted by the Board of Examiners do not count toward the required 45 EC.
  • negative BSA: less than 45 EC

Negative BSA

If your binding study recommendation comes back negative, you may not enrol in the degree programme again for another four years.

Interim study recommendation

At an earlier point during the academic year, you will receive what is called the 'interim study recommendation'. This recommendation is not binding. It is issued in or before January of the first year of study, and is based on the results of the first study period. You will receive:

  •  a positive interim recommendation for 15 EC or more;
  • a progress warning for 7.5 EC;
  •  a negative interim recommendation for 0 EC.

Terminating your enrolment before February 1st

If you want to drop out of your current degree programme and you terminate your enrolment before February 1st (through Studielink), you will not receive a binding study advice and will be able to make a fresh start with the degree programme next year. Please note that this only applies in the first year that you are registered for your current degree programma.




Students who receive a warning or a negative recommendation are advised to contact their tutor and/or Study Advisor. The tutor can provide additional information on study progress. The Study Advisor can help with a wide range of questions on faculty regulations and the more organisational aspects of the programme, such as drawing up a realistic study plan. Students can also make an appointment to see the Study Advisor to discuss any personal or social circumstances that affect their studies.

Stopping your degree programme

Students who wish to cease their studies (or who must do so following a negative BSA) are advised to discuss the matter with the Study Advisor. The Study Advisor can also provide information on options for studying something else at Utrecht University, or studying at a different institution.

If you know (or suspect) that you will not be able to meet the BSA criteria due to personal circumstances, you may ask the Board of Examiners to take this into consideration when making their decision. However, it is important that you report and present evidence of these circumstances to the Study Advisor as soon as possible after they appear.

Special circumstances include:

  • illness
  • pregnancy
  • functional disorder
  • serious family circumstances
  • top-level sport
  • management activities (for student organisations with full legal capacity, or as part of the organisation or management of Utrecht University, the faculty or the study programme)

Notifying the Board of Examiners of personal circumstances
If you think you can claim personal circumstances, then you should notify the Board of Examiners and request that these be taken into consideration when making a decision regarding your binding study advice. More information on how to notify the Board of Examiners will be published in May 2020.

Oral clarification to the Board of Examiners
You may clarify your request during a meeting with the Board of Examiners. This meeting will take place end of June/beginning of July 2020. More information will be published in May 2020.

More information

Read more about the binding study advice (BSA) and special circumstances in Article 7.4 of the general General Education and Examination Regulations Bachelors's programmes for Bachelor's degree programmes.