Not passing a course

Did you fail to pass a course?

Did you fail to complete or pass one or more courses? Depending on the type of course (in your examination programme) you will follow the course again or choose another one.

  • Compulsory course
    • In general, you follow the course immediately in the next year. This may mean that you have to move another course forward to make room for it. Of course, you also need to make sure that the timeslots do not overlap. If in doubt, discuss your planning with the study advisor.
  • Compulsory elective course
    • You are not obliged to take the same course again, you can also choose a different elective.
  • Elective course
    • You are free to choose any course of the same scope and level that you would like to take instead of the unsuccessful/unfinished course.

Study load per period

Assume 15 EC per block for an average study load of 40 hours per week. Three courses in one block are also possible, but only if you can handle the study load. A failed course will remain visible on your study progress overview, but on your diploma/graduation list will only be completed courses.

Study delay

You are delayed if you fail to pass one or more courses. This means that it takes you a bit longer to complete your bachelor's. As soon as you have met all exam requirements, you will graduate automatically. If this happens during the academic year, for example after block 1 in your fourth year, you will be refunded the tuition fees for the remaining months if you deregister (see also the information on refunding tuition fees).

Have you fallen behind with your studies, for example because you were ill or due to family circumstances? In some cases, you may be eligible for a form of compensation for study delay caused by force majeure. In any case, discuss this with the study advisor as soon as possible.