Humanities Honours Programme (BA)

Our Honours programme offers academic deepening, interdisciplinary broadening and connection with society

Are you an ambitious first-year student looking to complement your Bachelor's programme with an extra challenge? The Humanities Honours Programme offers you an opportunity to broaden your academic knowledge or delve deeper into your own field of study or the societal impact of Humanities. The Humanities Honours Programme provides an English spoken seminar within each course. 

More information?

Are you interested in the Humanities Honours Programme? Please visit one of our Honours Information Meetings. These take place on Wednesday 16 March and Monday 21 March 2022 from 17.15 to 19.00 hr.


If you meet the criteria and would like to participate, please register via and send the requested documents (CV, motivation letter of max 750 words, representative piece of work and an Osiris transcript of your list of grades). The deadline for application is 1 May 2022. Make sure you are available in May for an interview with the selection committee.

HHP blog

To get an impression of the activities and projects in the Humanities Honours Programme take a look at the student-edited HHP blog.

There are also other forms of extra challenge for Bachelor's students, as well as other Honours programmes, such as the Descartes College and the Da Vinci Project


If you want to know more about the Humanities Honours Programme, or if you have any questions, you can always contact us at

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Would you like to participate in a lecture, an Honours seminar or plenary session or think along in an Honours project? Then sign up with the study association SV Eureka:

Humanities Honours Programme
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