Contract teaching

Have you always had an interest in a language, in literature, philosophy, art history or music, but were you never able to do a University programme? Or do you want to gain knowledge on one of these subjects in a short period of time? The Humanities Faculty offers you a chance to enrol for courses at University level. You can register as a so-called contract student for one or more courses or for a series of courses.

For whom?

Contract teaching is for everyone who wants to educate themselves at the University level. There is no required entry level. As a contract student, you will not gain an academic title. You will however take tests, for which you will receive certificates.

Available courses

Please note: The number of places in the courses is limited. Therefore, the desired course may be full at the time you want to enroll.


For every study period, there is an enrolment period in which you will have to register. To enrol, ask the Student Information Desk Humanities for the contract teaching enrolment form via e-mail. Please note that contract students can only participate in a course when there are empty spots remaining. It is therefore possible that the course you want to take is already full.

In 2024-2025, the enrolment periods are as follows:

Study period 1 (semester 1)

21, 22 en 23 August 2024


Study period 2 (semester 1)

23, 24 en 25 October 2024

Study period 3 (semester 2)

22, 23 en 24 January 2025

Study period 4 (semester 2)

2, 3 en 4 April 2025

Practical information

  • Timetable
    For information about timetables for courses and exams.
  • Year calendar
    For the Humanities year calendar.


The fee you will pay depend on the level of the course in question (Bachelor's or Master's) and the amount of credits (EC) earned. Utrecht University uses the International ECTS: European Credit Transfer System. One EC equals 28 hours of study. The costs for Humanities Faculty contract courses for 2023-2024, not including study materials, are as follows:

BA course (7,5 EC)


BA course (15 EC)


MA course (5 EC)


MA course (7,5 EC)


Refund of course fees

A refund of already paid course fees is, in principle, no longer possible after registration. If there are circumstances beyond your control (for instance having to break off the study programme due to illness or family circumstances), please report this to the Student Information Desk via You can submit a request for a refund of the course fees, after which the faculty will determine if a refund is possible in your case.

Only when you cancel your enrolment before the course has started, you will not be charged course fees. You can cancel your enrolment by sending an e-mail to

More information

If you have any questions or require more information, please contact the Student Information Desk Humanities.