Student psychologist & help with inappropriate behaviour

Student psychologist

Student psychologists can help you to solve study-related problems and to address personal problems. You can schedule an appointment for an introductory meeting.

Complaints in general

If you disagree with the way in which the UU has behaved towards you, you can lodge a complaint with the Humanities Complaints Coordinator.

Inappropriate behaviour

Have you been the victim of inappropriate behaviour? Or did you see someone else being victimized? Do not hesitate to speak up. For instance, you can talk to your tutor, lecturer or Study Advisor. And you can also turn to the faculty of Humanities' contact for inappropriate behaviour, Stefan Vuurens. He will be able to advise you and help you take the next step if necessary. 

Wondering about who Stefan is and how he takes on his role as contact person for inappropriate behaviour? Read the interview with him.

If you prefer, you can also contact: Biene Meijerman, who is our staff contact for inappropriate behaviour. In the event of absence and during holidays, Stefan Vuurens and Biene Meijerman will act for each other.

Confidential Counsellor for inappropriate behaviour

If you would like to speak directly to the UU confidential advisor, you are of course welcome to do so! Send an email to or check the website of Utrecht University's Confidential Counsellor for Inappropriate Behaviour.

Do not hesitate to take action

If you experience sexual or verbal harassment, discrimination, aggression, violence or bullying, don't spend too much time dealing with it! You can talk about it with a tutor, lecturer or study advisor. Would you rather talk to someone else? Then contact Stefan Vuurens, our faculty's contact for inappropriate behaviour. He will be able to help you no matter what.

Inappropriate behaviour beyond our university

If you have had to deal with inappropriate behaviour beyond UU, but you encounter the person(s) involved at UU, feel free to report this via

What happens after you contact us?

  • You will receive an invitation for an appointment as soon as possible. That appointment will take place at a discreet location or online via teams, whichever you prefer. We will offer a sympathetic ear, advise you and explain possible follow-up steps.
  • Together you decide what to do next. Your call will be registered anonymously.
  • Annually, the confidential counsellors publish an anonymous report about the number of reports and their nature. The data cannot be traced back to individuals. The faculty board uses the information from the report for policy to prevent undesirable behaviour.

Other places to go to

You can also contact any of the following bodies at any time:

Stefan can also help you get in touch, if you feel comfortable doing so.

Inappropriate behaviour

Inappropriate behaviour is any behaviour, action or failure to act that has physical, psychological or social consequences perceived as negative. This includes at least harassment, sexual harassment, discrimination, aggression, violence and bullying in the workplace or in the study situation. For a detailed description, see the Code of conduct on the Social safety website. Do not hesitate to contact our confidential advisor at any time.

How can I pay attention to social safety myself?

Would you like to learn more about what you can do in undesirable situations, or how you can ensure a socially safe study and working environment? You can attend the Active Bystander workshop to learn what to do.

A violation of scientific integrity

For a low-threshold confidential discussion about violations of scientific integrity, please contact faculty contact Rick Nouwen:
030 253 8313

Or view the detailed information on scientific integrity.