Receptive Language

Utrecht University wants to increase accessibility to courses in German, French, Italian, Dutch, and Spanish. Therefore, it is now possible to register as a receptive language student for more than eighty courses from the Department of Languages, Literature, and Communication. 

Luistertaal. Illustratie: emdé

Receptive Language is a form of communication where both speakers speak different languages, but can understand each other fluently. 

As a receptive language student, you don't need to speak the language of the course. This makes the step to enroll much easier. However, you must have sufficient reading and listening skills in the language of instruction to be eligible to take the course.

Watch the video below where a student shares her experience with Receptive Language. 

Test your receptive language skills 

Do you want to know if your listening skills are sufficient enough to participate in a course? Take the test and answer the questions about the video clips.


Interested in taking a course as a receptive language student? 

If you have sufficient reading and listening skills in the language of the course and are interested in enrolling, please contact the course coordinator of the course in question. They will assess your language skills again and also check if there is a spot available. 

Check the complete course offer down below. 

More information? Go to (in Dutch).