Lingua Receptiva

Receptive language skills or Lingua Receptiva (LaRa) is meant to increase the accessibility of courses that are part of the German, French, Italian, Dutch and Spanish language programs. Over sixty courses within the department of Language, Literature and Communication will be open to LaRa students.

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Lingua Receptiva is a form of multilingual communication in which each speaker uses a different language, but each speaker has sufficient listening skills in the other speaker’s language for them to be able to understand each other. They do not have to be able to speak the other person’s language.
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An important requirement when using LaRa in a course is a sufficient level of receptive proficiency.

At the bottom of this page you can test your receptive skills in the languages of the participating courses. Watching the video fragments and answering the questions will give you an indication of whether you understand the language well enough to be able to participate in a LaRa course. If you are interested in taking such a course and believe that you have a high enough level of receptive proficiency, please contact the coordinator of that course. The teacher will check whether there are any places available and check your level of receptive proficiency.

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