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Careers orientation and internship coordinator

Karen Schoutsen

What can your internship coordinator help you with?

Explain internship regulations • Find an internship • Link you to an internship supervisor • Set up an internship • Process an internship • Complete an internship • Make an appointment • Offer advice on how to explore your career during your programme

How to get in touch?

Short or urgent questions: telephone consultation hours

Starting from block 4: Every Tuesday from 13.30-14.30 and Friday from 11.30-12.30 via +31 (0)30-2532552

Non-urgent or general questions: email

Complex questions: appointment

If you have a complex question about your internship (before, during, or after) or in the field of career orientation, please schedule an appointment via the online agenda with the coordinator of your own department. The appointment can be held on-site or via Teams (install the app and log in with your UU email address). 

Schedule an appointment below or try the direct link to the online calendar tool.