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15 January 2019
From 28 January - 1 February Utrecht University will host webinar week: 15 Master's will highlight what their programme is all about.
26 November 2018
Keen to increase your involvement in society? Then register for the course Onderwijs buiten de Universiteit.
22 October 2018
Students who wish to participate in international conferences, may apply for a Conference Grant with a maximum of 500 Euro. Next deadline: 1 December.


26 February 2019 20:00 - Lecture
Gender inequality is still a worldwide problem. Why is it so important to fix it? With legal scholar Dr Sarah Carmichael.
17 - 18
17 May 2019 21:30 - Lecture
The idea of pursuing a life in the wild, appeals to many. Environmental philosopher Dr Martin Drenthen explores our fascination with wild nature.
28 May 2019 20:00 - Honours, Lecture
How can we apply Bellingcat's methods to more effectively speak truth to power on a local level? With Eliot Higgins.

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