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Do you enjoy brainstorming about education and policy of the Humanities faculty in addition to your studies? Then apply now for one of the following positions:

As a student participator, you have a say in education and learn how the faculty works. You can apply until 1 May 2022.

Which vacancies can you apply for?

Curriculum Committee member (2-4 hours a week)

In the Curriculum Committee, a programme's lecturers and students jointly discuss the quality of education within that study programme. Mail your study programme's committee of for more information.

Student member Board of Studies (4 hours a week)

In the Board of Studies, you will participate in discussions about educational changes within the faculty. You deal with different subjects, such as the evaluation of all master programmes, the revision of the course evaluation system or plans for educational innovation.

Departemental assessor (4-8 hours a week)

The departmental assessor deals with education and student interests in a department. You advise the departmental board on matters concerning students, maintain contact with OC and possibly work on various projects within the department. You can only become an assessor in the department of your own programme. 

Faculty student assessor (16 hours a week)

As a student-assessor you are a member of the faculty board and you advise on education and other matters that are important to students. You are the spider in the web between students, study associations, the faculty board and faculty employees. You will have a say in faculty policy and can initiate your own projects in order to implement improvements in the faculty. This position is particularly suitable for students who already have some administrative experience, or have held other positions in the field of student representation. 

University student assessor (full time)

As a student assessor to the Executive Board, you will help discuss university policy, focusing mainly on education- and student-related matters. You advise the Executive Board and bring the student perspective into the decision-making process. You maintain good relations with students within the university and are well-informed of what is going on among them. With this knowledge, you make an important contribution to decision-making at the university level. There is also plenty of room for personal input and your own projects. Please note: this position is particularly suitable for students who already have administrative experience, or have held other positions within student representation. 

Compensation for student participation

As a participating student, you receive a compensation. The compensation is depends on your position. Below in the relevant foldout you can see exactly how much this is for this year. Next academic year these amounts will remain more or less the same, but changes upwards/downwards are possible.

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