Information for supervisors (English)

Information for supervisors (English) 

On this page you find important information about the compulsory BSc graduation course (‘Afstudeerproject’; B-B3AFSTP) and the associated elective course (‘Onderzoeksstage PLUS’ (Research internship PLUS); B-B3PLONS).

The graduation project course ‘Afstudeerproject’ (B-B3AFSTP) is compulsory for all students that follow the Bachelor degree program in Biology at Utrecht University. In this course a literature thesis is written and the student is introduced to the ‘professional work environment of a biologist’ by doing a (practical) internship. The graduation project course is seen as the ‘capstone’ of the bachelor program. The associated elective Onderzoeksstage PLUS (B-B3PLONS) course is an extension of the internship part of the ‘Afstudeerproject’ graduation course. Both courses have separate end products that are assessed. A literature thesis and a (concise) research report are written in the ‘Afstudeerproject’ course. If your student follows the Onderzoeksstage PLUS elective course, an extensive research report must be written (instead of the concise report that is part of ‘Afstudeerproject’) in addition to the literature thesis.

We kindly ask you to discuss the content of this website and the received documents (via email) with your student and together come to timely agreements on how you will organize the project(s) and assessment and speak-out mutual expectations. You can use the form (under documents and forms) as a guideline, but any spoken or written agreement will do. Supervisors often have different opinions about matters and to avoid conflicts and disappointments a clear agreement can help. Make agreements with the student about planning and holidays, dates for handing in 1st and 2nd versions and when he/she will receive your feedback. It is also important to timely arrange a second assessor/examiner (see below for more info). This is a shared responsibility of the student and supervisor. In case you are not the daily supervisor and/or other members of your team are involved in the supervision, we kindly request you to inform them about this letter and the attachments.

An equivalent of 10 weeks full-time (400 hours) (15 EC credits) is available for the 'Afstudeerproject'. The 'Onderzoeksstage PLUS' is 5 weeks full-time or 10 weeks half-time (200 hours; 7.5 EC credits). In principle, both courses fall in separate UU education periods of 10 weeks, whereby the ‘Afstudeerproject' takes both timeslots of a full education period and the 'Research internship PLUS' is followed in the consecutive period, or the period before. The 'Research internship PLUS' course can be combined with another course in the alternating time slot if conducted half-time. Discuss the planning carefully with your student. Alternative time schedules are possible in consultation with the student and in mutual consent (please discuss with the course coordinators first). A schematic overview of standard timeplannings can be found here

The deadline for handing-in the thesis and research report by the student to the supervisor is the last day of the course period. If the 'Research internship PLUS' is also followed, the research report has to be handed-in on the last day of the education period in which the last of the two courses (either ‘Afstudeerproject’ or 'Research internship PLUS') finishes. Deadline for handing-in the filled-in assessment form, final thesis, internship report and rubric(s), as specified below to the coordinators (via, is 10 working days after the end of the course period. However, deadlines can be a bit flexible if both student and supervisor agree. Please inform us in the case of agreed delay of more than two weeks via

If you have any remaining questions after reading this webpage and the received documents, please do not hesitate to contact us by email ( or by phone; 030-2533111. Also, we would like to invite you to visit the other pages of the course website. 

Graduation project course (B-B3AFSTP)

Research internship PLUS (B-B3PLONS) course

The work process, completion, and assessment

On behalf of the Biology department, we would like to thank you for supervising our student(s).

Kind regards,


Julia Staats MSc and Dr. Martijn van Zanten

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