Financial matters


Fund VIGU (translates to Friends of the Institute for History Utrecht University) subsidizes extracurricular activities of students and professors of history programs at Utrecht University.

Fund VIGU has a board of three professors of history from the Department of History and Art History:

  • Marloes Beers (president)
  • Pieter Huistra (treasurer)
  • Roel Frakking (secretary) 

The board decides, four times each year, about subsidies. Deadlines for applications are: November 1st, Februari 1st, May 1st, and  August 1st.

Subsidies are granted to publications, field trips, symposiums etc. Examples: a lustrum of the Utrecht Historical Students' Circle (UHSK), a field trip (organized by students and their professor) to Berlin, museum visits etc.

General rules for subsidies

  • Min. € 10 per person for history students
  • Max. € 40 per person, or 5% of the amount of each student's own contribution


  • € 10 for one-day trips
  • € 20 for trips with 1-4 overnight stays
  • € 30 for trips in Europe with 5 ore more nights
  • € 40 for trips outside Europe

The board will decide about other applications not covered by these rules. There is a maximum of € 1000 per application.

How to apply

Applications should meet the following demands:

  • Applications should be made in a letter, stating the activity and its relation to the study of history in our Department;
  • The letter is addressed to Fonds VIGU, c/o secretary Fonds VIGU, Departement Geschiedenis en Kunstgeschiedenis Universiteit Utrecht, Drift 10, 3512 BS Utrecht;
  • Fund VIGU subsidizes a deficit in your budget, payable post facto. This means that if your activity turns out to have cost less than estimated, you will receive a lower subsidy, or even no subsidy at all.
  • You must submit a conveniently divided budget, allowing for 10% contingencies ("post: onvoorzien");
  • Your budget should mention students' contributions and indicate that you have applied for other subsidies besides the Fund VIGU. Fund VIGU only partially supports your activities.


Email: Roel Frakking (
Mailbox: fonds VIGU Drift 6