Partner universities

The Department of History and Art History has a number of preferred partners which we recommend for our students. These are universities that we know to be of good quality, that the department has contacts with, or that offer interesting programmes in the field of History. The preferred partners are mentioned below. Besides these university, there are many more destinations you can go to. So make sure that you read all the information on the Study Abroad website carefully.

When you start researching which university you would like to go to on exchange, be sure to ask yourself the following questions: What courses does this university offer? How do these fit into your study programme? Do you have sufficient knowledge on the subject and do you command the language?

If you need any advice on choosing a suitable exchange destination or deciding on a fitting study plan for your year abroad, please get in touch with the contact persons for History: Jochen Hung (for European exchanges), or Jaap Verheul (for extra-European exchanges),

The International Office Humanities can help you with all practical questions about the application procedure, preparation etc.