When do I write my thesis?

You write your thesis in a thesis class in the 3rd year of your study programme. If you started before 2021, you choose to write a thesis for either 7.5 EC or 15 EC. 

If you started before 2021, you can choose to write a thesis for either 7.5 EC or 15 EC. 

 The teacher of the thesis class supervises the writing process and is the first assessor of the final paper. There is also a second assessor. 

In May you will receive a digital form (Formdesk) in your mail in which you will be asked to provide the information below:

  • How much EC do you write your thesis for? (7.5 EC or 15 EC)
  • If you write a 7.5 EC thesis: in which block do you start?  (Block 2 or 4)

Attention: You must register for the BA final project yourself in Osiris. If you start in block 2 (7.5 or 15 EC), you do so during the registration period for semester I. If you start in block 4 (only 7.5 EC), you do so during the registration for semester II.

Note that so-called priority rules apply: this means that you can only enroll for the first two weeks of the enrollment period. Please refer to the course description for more information. 

The subject of your thesis may be the result of the Specialisation that you followed in your second year. The programme provides a wide range of teachers with different areas of expertise, so that there is always a subject that fits your interests. The final moment at which you have to make your choice is prior to the block in which you write the Final Thesis. You will then receive information about the available lecturers and subjects via e-mail and you will be asked to make your choice via a digital form (Formdesk). 

Thesis Archive

You can use Utrecht University's thesis archive as a reference point to see what your fellow students have submitted. 

Finished? Upload your thesis to the Digital thesis Archive

Once you have finished writing your thesis, you will need to upload the final version to thesis archive (in Osiris). The Exam Secretariat will notify you about this by mail. Your thesis will be kept for 7 years.

Osiris Cases

Handing in your thesis

Once you have completed your thesis, you must submit it in Osiris (and not via an e-mail to your supervisor). Osiris also provides you with evaluation progress as well as your final grade. 

If your supervisor has indicated that your final paper is ready for assessment, proceed as follows:

  • You upload your thesis in Orisis via Cases > My Cases
  • You upload your thesis in Blackboard (to check for plagiarism)
  • In order to be able to graduate, you must submit your thesis to the UU's digital thesis archive. Within a week after you have been informed about your graduation, you will receive an email with instructions on how to upload your thesis to our thesis archive in Osiris.

Forms and procedures Bachelor's thesis

Your Bachelor's thesis will be assessed following specific evaluation procedures. You can prepare for this by reading the following documents and explanations prior to starting your thesis.

All Bachelor's theses are assessed by two lecturers. If your supervisor is one of the lecturers teaching in the Bachelor's programme, then this person will also be the first assessor (or the 'examiner'). Theses are assessed using an assessment form. If there is a large difference of opinion between the first and second assessors, a third assessor may be engaged, who will always work with a separate assessment form.

We take all forms of academic deception very seriously and expect all students to observe the ethical standards of proper academic conduct. When you start writing your thesis, you must submit the Plagiarism awareness declaration form as an acknowledgement that you have read the University's regulations regarding fraud and plagiarism. Lecturers or supervisors will report any suspected cases of fraud or plagiarism using the Plagiarism reporting form.