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You will meet your fellow students and your tutor during the orientation. You will also receive information about all sorts of practical matters, such as ICT, academic supervision and the binding recommendation regarding the continuation of studies.

Dear student,

Welcome to the School of History and Art History at Utrecht University!

You have chosen to study at a university and are now embarking on a new stage in your life. This may even be your first experience of living in the Netherlands – in that case, your stay in Utrecht will be particularly exciting. Your choice to study History at our School means as much to us as it means to you. Your academic career will offer you a unique opportunity to develop your capacities. But to achieve your goals, you will need to invest a lot of time in reading, thinking, analyzing, doing research, discussing, writing and reporting. We, on our part, want to offer you inspirational teaching, involve you in our research and show you how historical expertise can be put to good use, and prepare you for further study or a professional career.

The undergraduate (BA) curriculum of History at Utrecht University is considered to be one of the best in the country and we shall do our utmost to live up to this high standard. We expect you to engage fully with your study, right from day one. An academic study means more than just fulfilling formal requirements. First and foremost it means making the most of everything the university has to offer you in terms of its intellectual, social and cultural life. In our experience, you will profit most from the university if you give it your very best. At times, the university system may seem a little inaccessible, especially at the beginning. Your tutor group (in the School) and your mentor group (organized by the UHSK) will help you feel at home in our community.

On behalf of staff and students of the School of History and Art History we wish you an enjoyable, stimulating and successful stay at Utrecht University.

Best wishes,

Christianne Smit
Director of Studies of History and Art History

Joris van Eijnatten
Head of Department of History and Art History

Dear future students, 

The new academic year is about to start! The Introduction Committee of History welcomes you! To start the year with great enthusiasm, the second week of September will be devoted to the introduction of your new study. Now that the restrictions are decreasing more and more, hopefully we can organize a 'normal' introduction for you with only a few precautions left. Fun activities and enthusiastic people are waiting to introduce you to your new study environment. 

The Monday and/or Tuesday of the introductory period is mandatory for all history students. The faculty day takes place on Mondays and/or Tuesdays, depending on your seminar group (you will find out at the end of the summer holidays). On the faculty day, you will get to know the department, your tutor and your mentors. Your tutor will give you study advice during your first year and you can contact him or her with questions if you run into any problems. Your mentors are senior history students who will show you around during your first year. The other activities during the first week are optional, but we strongly recommend that you sign up! Besides having fun activities, this is also the perfect time to get to know your fellow students and start the year off right. You will also get to know the study association of Geschiedenis and History: the UHSK. The UHSK has more than 20 committees that all hold fun activities throughout the year. Would you also like to do something extracurricular next year? Then you can register for a committee on the committee market. 

On Wednesday, Thursday and Friday you can get to know your seminar group better through fun activities and build up team spirit together. Some of these activities are organized in collaboration with the UHSK. The theme of this introductory period is Royal Rivalry. Your workgroup will compete under the name of a well-known monarchy against other seminar groups for everlasting fame. Do you also want to join in the fun? Don't forget to register via this registration form!  

Are you curious about all the activities of the introduction period? Questions? Please email, call or Whatsapp us! For further information, changes and updates about the introduction period, we will keep you informed via our website and via Instagram! 

We hope to see you all in September! 

With love,  
Maartje, Kim, Youssef, Levi, Sterre and Eva  

The Introduction Committee 
Phone: +31620029543 (Monday till Friday 10:00-17:00)
Instagram: @introductie_geschiedenis
Facebook: Introductie Geschiedenis UU 2021 

Dear first year students,

History is a wonderful study. In the first year of study, you will be offered a great deal of knowledge at the various introduction courses. You will also have to acquire the necessary academic skills. In the later years of study, there is plenty of room for creativity and the student's own interpretation of the study  programme.

As academic advisors for the History programme, we would like to give you an impression of the study guidance for our programme. For the first year students a thorough guidance has been developed. This guidance is important because studying history is not without obligation. For the binding study advice (BSA), a minimum of 45 EC (credits) is required in the first year of the study programme.

On September 6 you start the academic year with an introduction. This is an introduction to the subject matter with information about the content and structure of the first-year study programme. Student mentors accompany the first year students during the introduction.

You will also meet fellow students, tutors and get to know the Utrecht Historical Students Circle (UHSK), the study association of History students. Part of the introduction may be online. You will receive further information on the programme and which parts will be online Presence at the introduction is mandatory.

In the first semester, students follow all courses in the same seminar group. This allows you to get to know your peers. At the moment it is not yet known which part of the curriculum is offered online and which part is offered on campus. Of course, as with the introduction, you will receive more information about this.

The lectures of the various courses are given by specialists in the field. In addition to these course instructors, there is one permanent tutoring teacher per seminar group who will guide the students throughout the year. The course instructor changes course by course, the tutoring instructor remains the same throughout the year for the student. During the academic year, tutoring is provided on a regular basis through individual interviews and group meetings.

The academic advisors is also a fixed point of contact for the student. The tutor may refer the student to the academic advisor in the event of complicated study planning or in the event of study delay due to special personal circumstances. The student may also come directly to the academic advisor if, for example, there are questions about the binding study advice, about the examination regulations or exemptions within the study programme. If there are any questions about the introduction, the student can initially contact the introductory committee. In case of special personal circumstances it is better to send us a message directly via

Good luck in the coming year!

Alison Jenkins Evelien Hazewinkel, Laurens Meindertsma & Stefan Vuurens
Academic advisors

Dear first years,

On behalf of the Utrechtse Historische Studentenkring, we would like to welcome you to your new home, here in Utrecht. Trust us, as students we know the excitement and exhilarating feeling you get knowing that in September you will get to start a whole new journey. We have been through it ourselves, even though we are now almost at the end of our study. As the study association (studievereniging) of History at the University of Utrecht, we are here to make sure that not only you have lots of fun things to do in your introduction but also the entire duration of your study.

The UHSK is the biggest study association for History students in the Netherlands, with around 300 active members and 1500 members overall. With a whopping 23 committees that cover all sides of the student life, we provide students with plenty of opportunities. Are you looking for a place to celebrate finishing your exams? Don’t worry, our party committee organises at least one party per block always in different themes, where you can party your course related worries away. Are you more artistic and want to express yourself in alternative ways? Then the drama committee will be perfect for you. Join either the backstage or the actor’s team and experience the thrill of participating in a play.

If on the other hand you’re into politics, then you might want to consider joining the political café, and get the chance to debate with other history students and organise events with guests such as a ambassadors and politicians. On the more educational side, you can explore your academic talents with the UBO (UHSK voor Beter Onderwijs) and meet teachers from around the faculty, or check out your career prospects with the career committee. These are only a few of the committees we have, all of which accept first year students. No matter which committee you join, whether educational or activity related, you will have fun with the people in it, and make new connections in Utrecht. Just make sure to be at the committee market, to get to know all of the committees and sign up for them!

What else can the UHSK offer you, you might ask? Well, if you become a member you get a discount on all of your study books, not just in your first year. We also have weekly drinks every Wednesday, where you come over and hang out with your seminar group, or meet other students. The crown jewel of our association is the ‘kamer’ (room) we have at Drift 21, smack in the middle of the city centre library. Open every weekday from 10:00 to 17:00 the kamer is aspace where you can just chill at before lectures and in between seminars. Oh, and good to mention, you can get free coffee tea and snacks at any time!

All in all, the UHSK is a large community of history students, in which we all support and help each other out. You get to party with us, go on trips abroad, meet faculty staff and above all make new friends for life. So, see you in September!

Kind regards,

On behalf of the 95th Board of the UHSK,

Dimitris Mitakos
h.t. Commissaris Onderwijs

Oudheid (GE1V14004)

Ancient History (GE1V16005)

Inleiding Geschiedwetenschap (GE1V14001)

Introduction to the Study of History (GE1V16002)

Order books with a discount?
You can purchase books with a discount through a membership of the UHSK study association. Register via the UHSK website and the purchasing of books is done very easily. You can of course also order your books through another store (without a discount). Make sure you buy the correct version!’

This bachelor is subject to a binding study advice (BSA). The BSA is a decision by the Board of Examiners about the continuation of your studies, based on your study progress. Please visit this page for the BSA information.