The BA in History is a three-year degree programme that sums up to a study load of 180 EC.

Programme Outline

Which courses you will need to take depends on the year you started your programme. 

Study programme per start year

The Education and Examination Regulations (EER) state exactly which requirements you must meet in order to graduate and what you must do in case you failed to complete any of your courses. You will graduate when you have met all the requirements of your examination programme.

Questions about your study plan?

Do you need help with your study planning? You can always refer to My planning in the Course planner or contact your tutor or Study Advisor.

Approval, study progress, marks and entry requirements

If you want to deviate from the exam programme mentioned in the Education and Examination Regulations, you will have to ask for approval beforehand. If your request is approved, it will eventually also be entered into OSIRIS, and incorporated into your examination programme and study progress overview.

Some subjects have specific prerequisites. The Course Planner lists all of the admission requirements for each subject. 

Your study progress report lists all of your current results, and tells you how far along you are in meeting your exam requirements in order to graduate. You study progress report sits in OSIRIS on the tab Progress. 

You attend courses on 3 different levels, which increase in difficulty:

  • level 1 - introductory
  • level 2 - elaborating 
  • level 3 - advanced

Study load

Your study load is calculated in ECTS (European Credit Transfer System).  One EC or study credit equals 28 hours of study. The courses of a bachelor's programme usually have a study load of 7.5 EC, i.e. 210 hours of study. As a full-time student you normally take 8 courses per academic year, earning you 60 EC. This means that the entire 3-year bachelor's programme is 180 EC in total.

In short

1 EC = 28 hours of study load
1 course: 7,5 EC * 28 hours = 210 hours
1 year: 8 courses of 7,5 EC = 60 EC
Entire programme: 3 * 60 EC = 180 EC

Did you not pass a course? Depending on the type of course, you will have to retake it or choose an alternative.

  • Compulsory course » Retake the course.
  • Compulsory elective course » You may retake the course or choose an alternative course.
  • Elective courses » You may choose an alternative course.

More information

For questions, please contact your study advisor.


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our Student Information Desk.