Refer to the Course Planner for an overview of the compulsory courses that are part of the History programme.

Did you start before 2021? Then check the History Education and Examination Regulations to see which courses you will have to take.


In the first year of your programme, you take 2 compulsory core profiles of 30 EC each: B1 and B2. These core profiles provide an introduction to the key topics, theories and methods of the various specialisations in the History degree programme.

Compulsory courses year 1
  • Core profile 1: you become acquainted with the different time periods: ancient history, the Middle Ages, modern and contemporary history, and you get to know more about historical developments in the 19th and 20th century. You develop a view on history from a global perspective. 
  • Core profile 2: you become acquinted with history as a scientific discipline and learn how to take the first steps in setting up your own research (through using different kinds of methodology and sources). 

Course overview