The curriculum of the master Computing Science (COSC) consists of the following parts:

  • Mandatory courses (23.5 EC):
    three 7.5 EC courses and two 0.5 EC courses
  • Primary electives (22.5 EC):
    three 7.5 EC courses chosen from a list that is specific to your chosen track. See the Study programme page for a description of available tracks. The track prepares you for a master's thesis in the research field related to the track.
  • Secondary electives (30 EC):
    four 7.5 EC courses to shape the master programme into a personal profile that fits your interests. These electives can be chosen more liberally from the Computing Science programme, or from other master programmes.
  • Research part (45 EC):
    a 4 EC colloquium, a 15 EC thesis project proposal, and a 25 EC thesis. Do innovative research yourself in the area of your track and write your thesis about it!

Instead of the 30 EC secondary electives part as outlined above, you can choose a profile.

If you start the programme in September, your curriculum will be as follows:

If you start the programme in February, your curriculum will be as follows:

The content in the images above can also be found below.


At the start of your study, you are required to compose a study plan from above components, specifying the courses you plan to take, and when. The plan has to be approved by the programme coordinator. Therefore you have to send the plan to the programme coordinator ( within one month after your enrolment in the program.

Course enrollment with Osiris

For most courses you need to register online through OSIRIS.