Academic year 2019/20

The academic year is subdivided in four terms. University policy only regulates term starting dates. The calendar below shows how the four terms are used in our programme.

Most courses have an exam in the last week of the term (but there are exceptions). Every term has a scheduled retake week where you can catch up for exams you missed due to illness etc., and have a 2nd chance for exams that you failed but nearly passed. Weeks and days coloured dark green are holidays on which no academic events will be scheduled.

Course enrollment should be done in the two to four weeks preceding the deadlines marked e1 through e4. This is in the weeks with numbers shaded gray. A few weeks before the start of the term there is a two-day opportunity for late enrollment, of which the deadline is marked le1 through le4. Some courses may be already fully booked during late enrollment. New students in september and february can enroll during the first two weeks of the term, with deadlines marked ns1 and ns3.

Academic year 2019/20


The week is subdivided into 30 parts. All courses are offered within a fixed combination of parts, known as time slots. There are five time slots: A, B, C, D, and E.

You can always combine courses in different time slots. A course will not always use the entire time slot. Teaching-intensive courses may span multiple time slots.

Do not plan courses scheduled in the same time slot, as they will almost certainly (partially) overlap.

For scheduling your courses, you can use My Timetable.

Time slots
Fixed combinations of day slices form five time slots: A, B, C, D, and E