Pre-Master's programme

Register via Studielink after you are admitted to the pre-master programme

Upon receipt of your admission letter, stating that you are conditionally admitted to the Master’s Programme, the Student Desk will cancel your registration for the Master’s degree programme in Studielink.

As soon as you have received this admission letter, you need make sure that you register yourself for the correct Pre-master programme via Studielink. You are urgently advised to do this pre-master registration in Studielink before the 15th July (for September start) or 15th November (for February start).

The Bachelor Student Desk from the Science Faculty will register you for the courses which are stated in your admission letter. They will do this period by period, so registration of the courses in period 1 will occur first. You are, however, responsible to check in Osiris Student whether the course registration is correct and corresponds with the courses in your admission letter.

Steps to take in Studielink to ensure correct registration