Late registration

Should you have missed the normal registration period, or if you wish to change courses, you may be able to register during the 'late registration days' just prior to the period. Some courses fill up quickly though so there is no guarantee that you can register: if the maximum amount of students was reached during the normal registration period, the course will remain closed during the 'late registration days'. The dates of the late registration days for the year 2017-2018 can be found below.

1st period

Monday 21 + Tuesday 22 Aug 2017

2nd period

Monday 23 Oct + Tuesday 24 Oct 2017

3rd period

Monday 22 + Tuesday 23 Jan 2018

4th period

Tuesday 3 + Wednesday 4 April 2018


  • Remember to check all activities included in the course.
  • If you have a preference for a study group, make it known.
  • Check whether you meet the entry level requirements. If you do not meet the requirements the course coordinator will remove you from the list of participants.
  • Make sure your courses do not show any overlap in the time slot model.
  • Register on time. Some courses are popular and fill up quickly.
  • If you wish to do electives at a different faculty, make timely enquiries about the registration periods and entry level requirements.
  • You will receive information about your courses via your Solis-mail. Check your mail regularly!