Student Wellbeing

How are UU doing?

Students can face different challenges. At the Faculty of Science, we offer different forms of guidance and workshops focused on personal development. Additionally, you can make use of the centrally offered services of Utrecht University. You can find all links and information below.

Want to talk about the increased tensions regarding the conflict between Israel and Gaza?

Because of increased tensions outside and inside the university, some students need someone to talk to. You can always contact your Student Advisor and/or (s)tutor. Would you rather speak with someone outside your programme? Please contact Cristel Teusink at

Everything we offer on Student Wellbeing within the Faculty of Science

Trainings on Student Wellbeing that Utrecht University offers

Who can you contact?

Do you have something on your mind? Are you worried about something? It’s okay to talk about it! We have listed in this overview (PDF) who you can turn to for what.

Are you not sure where your question belongs? Your Study Advisor is always a good starting point.

Go to overview of who to contact (Master PDF)
Go to overview of who to contact (Bachelor PDF)
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    • 28 Mar -
      27 Jun

      'Van binnen naar buiten' (Dutch)

      In our MDT "Van binnen naar buiten" sessions, we come together to explore themes like relaxation, energy, limits, compassion, and talent.
    • 26 Apr -
      7 Jun

      Workshop Autonomie Duurzaam Eigen Maken (Dutch)

      In the five sessions of ‘Autonomie Duurzaam Eigen Maken’, you will learn how to develop a stance of your own in a sustainable and lasting way. This workshop is open and free for all UU students.
    • 23 May

      Workshop Working Consciously & Effectively (in Dutch)

      In this workshop, you will work with models and insights on time management. The training will help you work in a focused way and reduce stress.