University of the Philippines (Quezon City) is a universitywide partner in Quezon City, the Philippines.

This exchange will not be available in 2019-2020. More information will follow.

Academic calendar

Semester I: 1st week of August-2nd week of December

Semester II: 1st week of January-4th week of May


Language Requirement: sufficient English language proficiency to cope with the requirements of the courses

GPA Requirement: preferably 3.0 or better

Areas of study open to exchange students

Generally all degree programs are open to all exchange students except in the following colleges: College of Law, College of Medicine, College of Nursing and College of Dentistry

Courses at Master’s level

Yes, as long as prerequisites are satisfied and/or consent of instructor is sought

Language of instruction

Courses are taught in English.

Housing assistance

The University of the Philippines may provide accommodation to international students. However, reservation is on first come first served basis.

Estimated living costs per month

P 15,000-P20,000 /month


Normal study load per term: in credits: 15 to 18 credit units or five to six courses

Grading system: Numerical  1 – 5

Excellent 1.0/1.25 Satisfactory 2.5/2.75
Very good 1.5/1.75 Pass 3.0
Good  2.0/2.25 Fail 5.0
Choice of campus

UP has eight constituent units i.e. UP Manila, UP Los Baños, UP Visayas, UP Mindanao, UP Cebu, UP Baguio and UP Open University.

Due to imbalance, exchange to campus UP Diliman may not be possible.

Number of places available

2 places per year.


More information

More information about studying abroad: in Dutch and in English.


If you have any questions about this universitywide partner university, contact the universitywide International Office.