University of Oklahoma is a universitywide partner university in Norman, United States of America. You can study at the University of Oklahoma through the MAUI program or through a bilateral (direct) exchange.

The MAUI program (Mid-America Universities International) consists of a group of 18 American universities. If you are applying for the MAUI program, you need to list the top three MAUI universities of your choice in your motivation letter. This means there is a chance you will not be placed at your preferred university, but at your second or third choice university instead.

Through a bilateral (direct) exchange

General information for exchange students

Course information for exchange students:
Go to Click on "Find course" (Side note: students must be admitted to OU and have a username/password before they can access Ozone). Also try

Academic calendar

Semester I (Fall): 2nd or 3rd week of August – 2nd week of December
Semester II (Spring): 2nd or 3rd week of January – 2nd week of May

More information

  • First year at host institution must be completed.
  • Good academic standing (official transcripts from home institution are required in English once student accepted).
Areas of study open to exchange students

All undergraduate courses on Norman campus are open as long as the student has taken all pre-requisites.

Exceptions: OU Health Sciences Center in OKC, Law School (only if exchange student is a Law student at the home university), All graduate level Business classes (incl. Accounting, Business Administration, Finance, Management, Marketing & Supply Chain Management, and Management Information Systems), College of Continuing Education (Liberal Studies) and Aviation.

Economic classes: Math placement exam must be taken online or upon arrival before enrolment can take place. Details here.

Courses at Master’s level

Graduate courses on Norman campus are open to exchange students with the exception of MBA courses in the College of Business (see 'Areas of study open to exchange students').

Language of instruction


Housing assistance

Housing is guaranteed for our exchange students. OU student housing offers three options for on campus living. Traditions Square (East & West) are single bedroom/shared bathroom apartments. Alternately, academic year students can choose the student residential colleges where students will share a room and must buy a Meal plans.

Students also have the option of living in the Kraettli apartments (same website as Traditions Square). These are cheaper than Traditions Square, but they are older, and students must share a bedroom. Space is limited each semester.

Information about housing is listed on OU Housing web page, but students will receive housing information directly from Education Abroad. More information can also be found on the exchange website.

Estimated living costs per month


  • Furnished room or apartment in on-campus housing complex: $1200-$4000 per semester, depending on selected apartment


  • Meal plans (optional in apartments, mandatory in residential colleges): $250-$2500 per semester, depending on personal choice. 
    It is helpful to consult the Exchange Student Coordinator before purchasing a meal plan.
  • Regular grocery expenses: $400-600 per month, depending on student needs.
    Access to grocery stores may require bus travel.


  • Textbooks and course materials: $250-800 per semester, depending on major subject.

Health Insurance

  • OU Student Health Plan: approximately $715 for fall semester; $575 for spring semester (This difference is due to the duration of coverage).

Personal Expenses

  • Costs can range from $400-800 per month, depending on personal choice.

Additional Fees

  • $20 SoonerCard ID
  • $200 New International Student Orientation fee (first semester only)
  • $150 International Maintenance Student Fee (each semester)
  • $150 Exchange Student Program Fee (each semester)

*All costs and fees are subject to change without advance notice.

Credits and grading

You can find information on this university’s credits in the credit conversion table

Number of places available

5 places per year (bilateral exchange programme)

Academic year 2020/2021: 8 places (bilateral exchange)

Through the MAUI program


More information

More information about studying abroad: in Dutch and in English.


If you have any questions about this universitywide partner university, contact the universitywide International Office.