Universität Basel is a universitywide partner in Basel, Switzerland.

Academic calendar

 Fall semester: mid-September – end of December

Spring semester: mid-February – end of May

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Knowledge of German language is required. There is no need to show evidence of a German exam, but taking an exam is always recommended.

Areas of study open to UU students
Courses at Master’s level


Language of instruction

Mainly courses in the (main) langauge of the country, limited courses in English. See all courses in the course catalogue.

You need to show your proficiency in the language of instruction if courses are not in English. 

Housing assistance
Estimated living costs per month

Around 1500 CHF (including tuition, insurance, rent, food, clothes, activities and transport)

Rent (room, shared living space, student dormitory)
Minimum: CHF 400; Average: CHF 600

Food, household, clothing
Minimum: CHF 450; Average: CHF 600

Minimum: CHF 200; Average: CHF 300

Minimum: CHF 60; Average: CHF 90

Learning materials
Minimum: CHF 100; Average: CHF 150

Minimum: CHF 150; Average: CHF 220

Minimum: CHF 1500; Average: CHF 2100


The credit points awarded at the University of Basel are equivalent to ECTS, based on student workload. The marking scale of the grading system used at the University of Basel ranges from 1(fail) to 6 (excellent), with passing grade 4.

Number of places available

2 places per year


More information

More information about studying abroad: in Dutch and in English.


If you have any questions about this universitywide partner university, contact the universitywide International Office.