Saint Petersburg State University is a universitywide partner in Saint Petersburg, Russia.

Academic calendar

Semester I (Autumn): September - January
Semester II (Spring ): February - June


Most courses are in Russian, therefore students need to be proficient in Russian, unless they will study Russian language full time (see below).

SEP students can take a free Russian language course (12 ECTS, 8 academic hours per week) during the whole exchange period. Classes are organized usually 2 times per week in groups (10-12 people) depending on students' current language skills. If chosen, a Russian language course is included into the maximal workload for SEP students.

SEP students also have an opportunity to study at a full-time Russian language programme at the faculty of Philology (30 ECTS, 20 academic hours per week).

See the language proficiency guide.

Information on different Russian language courses

Areas of study open to exchange students

Students coming to SPbU may choose courses FROM ONE HOST FACULTY ONLY. The only exception to this is practical Russian course (8 academic hours per week) available to exchange students regardless of the host faculty. More information

Programmes in English are available for exchange students within the following fields of studies: Applied Mathematics and Control Processes (IT), Economics, Earth Sciences, Law, International Relations, Mathematics and Mechanics, Mathematics and Computer Science, Management, Philosophy (programme in Russian Studies), Political Science and Sociology. So there are no English taught courses for instance in humanities, psychology, history and some science fields.

Courses at Master’s level
Language of instruction

The language of instruction is Russian. Some courses are taught in English, but not many and not in all areas of study. See course information.

To apply for the courses taught in Russian students need to provide a certificate proving their level of the Russian language – B2 minimum. To apply for the courses taught in English students should provide a certificate of English language proficiency – B2 minimum. Students applying for full-time Russian language course don't have to provide a language certificate.

Please see the language proficiency guide and information on different Russian language courses.

Housing assistance

In the SEP application form you can state if you wish to stay in the SPSU Student's dormitory. More information about housing.

Estimated living costs per month

More information (Information not taken from St Petersburg State University website)


You can find information on this university’s credits in the credit conversion table

Number of places available

2-3 places per year. Selection was necessary in the past few years.


More information

More information about studying abroad: in Dutch and in English.


If you have any questions about this universitywide partner university, contact the universitywide International Office.