University of Edinburgh is an exchange destination for bachelor students of Utrecht University School of Law.


Academic calendar

Semester 1: September up to and including December
Semester 2: January up to and including May

Should you want to go on exchange to Edinburgh in semester 2, please check your schedule very carefully as the UU schedule normally runs until January 31st whereas UE starts half January!


Language requirement - B2

Minimum grade requirement: 6.5

Areas of study open for exchange students

Students applying to the University of Edinburgh under a Law exchange must take 2/3 of their courses in Law, they can take the final course in any subject area as long as they meet the relevant pre-requisites for the final class, there is space in that class and it timetables well with the Law courses.

Courses at Master level

There are no courses at master level available.

Estimated living costs per month

You can find information on this university’s credits in the credit conversion table


There are limited places in the honours courses, taught at level 10. Students are advised to take care when selecting courses and observe any prerequisites. They must also ensure that they register for courses before the deadline. Registration for particular courses is not guaranteed, even if you applied before the deadline. although Edinburgh will try to ensure that tey are allocated at least some.

Course levels: In the first two years of study, level 8 courses are followed. In years 3 and 4, courses are level 10.

The standard workload for a full year of study is 120 Edinburgh credits.

We have no cap on numbers in level 8 courses, other than the size of the lecture theatre. Within this boundary, each student will be guaranteed a place on these courses and, as far as Edinburgh is concerned,
there is no restriction on the number of credits which can be taken at level 8.
Level 10 courses have restricted numbers of students, as explained above.

In relation to all visiting students, we would normally expect a minimum of 1/3 of total credits to be taken at level 8, and no more than 2/3rds at level 10.
For a one semester student, this would be at least 20 credits level 8 and 40 credits level 10, and 40/80 for a full year. Furthermore, if a student is visiting for two semesters and is taking 80 credits at level 10, we would expect that student to take at least one full year (40 credit) level 10 course (rather than 4 x 20 credit courses).

Additional information

Number of places available: 2 full year places or 4 semester places.

It is better for Law students to come for a full-year exchange, if possible. The reason for this is purely because UE offers a number of full-year courses which can only be taken by students who will study in Edinburgh for the full duration. However we are also happy for single semester students to join us. 

Housing: Students studying on exchange for the full academic year are guaranteed university accommodation if they apply by the deadline of 16th August. Students studying on exchange for one semester are not guaranteed university accommodation and advised to search for private accommodation.

Compulsory Attendance: It is now compulsory for all exchange students to attend and engage fully in the classes that they are enrolled in at the University of Edinburgh. If students consistently fail to attend or engage with their studies here, then this will be escalated within their College and may result in the ultimate exclusion of the student. Students will be encouraged to speak with their Personal Tutor or the Student Support team in their school if they are experiencing difficulties (i.e. academic, personal, health).  This will enable them to support the student in improving their attendance, their wider engagement with their studies, and importantly to address any issues that may be of concern to them.

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More information about studying abroad: in Dutch and in English.

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Contact International Exchange Office Faculty of Law, Economics and Governance

For general questions and handing in or picking up documents, you can visit the International Exchange Office at the Student Desk (you do not have to make an appointment).
We are located at Janskerkhof 3, Utrecht (at the School of Law)

Walk-in hours: Monday and Wednesday from 3 PM until 4:30 PM

Telephone / Email

+31 (0)30 253 7289



You can make an appointment by sending an email. Don't forget mention your student number. You can also call +31 (0)30 253 7289.

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