Een summer school is een cursus aan een buitenlandse universiteit die je vrijwillig kan volgen in de zomermaanden. De Universiteit Utrecht is niet verantwoordelijk voor het aanbod van deze cursussen, de inhoud of de faciliteiten die deze universiteiten bieden. Ook voor de financiering moet je zelf zorgen. Voor deze cursussen zijn (meestal) geen credits te verdienen voor je opleiding.

Het verschil met exchange is dat een exchange plaatsvindt op basis van een facultaire of universitaire uitwisselingsovereenkomst gedurende het academisch jaar voor een of twee semesters en in het kader van je opleiding aan de UU. De behaalde credits kun je over het algemeen inbrengen in jouw studieprogramma..

Hieronder vind je een overzicht van de info die we van onze partners gekregen hebben. Deze lijst is niet uitputtend, dus ga gerust ook zelf op zoek naar mogelijkheden. Bij interesse of vragen kan je de summer school in kwestie contacteren.

Neem ook eens een kijkje op de site van de Utrecht Summer School! Hier vind je informatie over summer schools die zij in samenwerking met hun partners aanbieden.


Aarhus University, Denmark

74 courses in English and 2 courses in Danish

Term I: 3 - 20 July, 2018; Term II: 23 July - 10 August, 2018


Alexandru Ioan Cuza University of Iași, Iași, Romania

"Romania - Language and Civilization"

5 - 25 July, 2018


Aristotle University Thessaloniki, Greece

1) Recent developments on financial crime, corruption and money laundering: European and international perspectives

4 - 12 July, 2018

2) International Summer School of Medical Law and Bioethics on "Assisted Reproduction and Alternative Family Forms"

5 - 11 July, 2018


Bauhaus-Universität Weimar, Germany

more than 15 courses in: Architecture & Urbanism, Art & Design, Culture & Media, Engineering & Environment, Intensive Language Courses in German & English

5 - 31 August, 2018


Bocconi University, Milan, Italy

"seven courses in Digital Marketing, Economics of European Union, Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management, Equity and Venture Capital Financing, Fashion and Design Management, International Business and Luxury Management"

2 - 20 July, 2018


Charles University, Prague, Czech Republic

1) Spring University Prague 2018: "Understanding Europe in an Age of Uncertainty"

8 - 19 April, 2018

2) Summer University Prague 2018: "Project Europe at a Crossroads"

8 - 22 September, 2018


Eötvös Loránd University, Budapest, Hungaria

ELTE Summer University of Hungarian Language and Culture

30 July - 24 August, 2018


European University Viadrina, Frankfurt/Oder, Germany

"The Liberal Order in Crisis: Authoritarian, Radical, and Populist Challenges to Democracy in Europe"

30 May - 13 July, 2018


Exeter College, Oxford, United Kingdom

The Programme offers 12 lecture courses. There is no fixed academic path: you choose any two from this list:

  • Literatures of Modernism
  • How to Read Paintings
  • Questions of Travel: The Social & Economic Movement of Bodies & Capital as Represented in Literature & Film
  • Histories of Migration
  • Introduction to International Relations
  • Development Economics
  • English Law in the International Context
  • Contemporary Political Philosophy
  • Medicine and Disease in European History
  • Introduction to Quantum Mechanics
  • Introduction to Astrophysics
  • Maths for Physical Sciences and Engineering

1 July - 11 August, 2018.


Faculty of Economics, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia

32 different courses

2 - 20 July, 2018


Graz University, Austria

"Meditating and mediating change: state - society - relgion"

1 - 14 July, 2018


Graz University, Austria

"Hidden Library school"

2 - 13 July, 2018


Hochschule Furtwangen University, Villingen-Schwenninger, Germany

White Water Management – Learning Management in a new way

3 - 10 August, 2018


I.S.E.O Institute, Iseo (near Milan), Italy

"Challenges and Opportunities in a Shifting Global Economy"

21 - 30 June, 2018


Institut Barcelona d'Estudis Internacionals (IBEI), Spain

"Global Politics, Development and Security"

20 - 29 June, 2018


Karlshochschule International University, Karlsruhu, Germany

The Summer Academy brings together scientists, practitioners, and students to work together on the following questions:

  • What are the major themes in intercultural cooperation and communication? How have international networks changed? What kinds of conflicts arise and how can we deal with them?
  • How are cultures constructed, what are their origins and how do people perceive the world, how can we solve the problems that arise when different cultural values meet?
  • How do society and the organizations react to the intercultural challenges in a world of growing complexity and diversity? How can we integrate socio-cultural sustainable solutions in diverse societies?

16 - 27 July, 2018


Kingston University, London, United Kingdom

Courses in British Culture and Society, Creative Writing in London, London Global City of Enterprise, London and its Literature and more

4 July - 4 August, 2018


Linköping University, Sweden

six different courses

July 2018


London School of Economics (LSE), London, United Kingdom

1) with partner University of Cape Town (UCT), South Africa

"5 courses across the social sciences all with reference and relevance to Africa today"

25 June - 6 July, 2018

2) with partner Peking University (PKU), China

"15 courses from across the social sciences, all with reference and relevance to China and Asia today"

6 - 17 August, 2017


LUISS Summer University, Rome, Italy

"Digital Disruption Management: European Strategies and Practices"

25 June - 20 July, 2018

"Parliamentary Democracy in Europe"

9 - 20 July, 2018

"Sustainability and Social Innovation"

First module: Sustainable management for shared values

9 - 20 July, 2018

Second module: Responsible innovation for sustainable cities and communities

23 July - 3 August, 2018

"Management "Made in Italy": Fashion, Food, and Hi-Tech"

9 - 27 July, 2018

"Market Regulation and Investments in Europe"

9 - 27 July, 2018

"Summer School on European and Comparative Company Law: Capital Markets"

13 - 21 July, 2018


Mannheim University's School of Humanities, Germany

"Crossing Borders in a Changing World"

21 July - 11 August, 2018


Masaryk University, Telč, Czech Republic

summer school on energy security titled "Energy Infrastructure and Policy Repercussions"

4 - 11 August, 2018


Masaryk University, Brno, Czech Republic

1) World in Transition and Central European Transformation: Lessons Learnt

18 June – 9 July, 2018

2) Authors’ Reading Month: Guest of Honour Turkey, aka Turkish Academy

1 - 29 July, 2018 (participation from a week to the whole month is feasible)

3) Central Europe – A Birthplace of Modernity

July, 2018

4) Summer Lab Research Interships at Masaryk University

28 May - 20 July, 2018

5) Global Perspectives: Media, Communication, Culture

12 May - 5 June, 2018


NILS International Summer School, Bucharest, Romania

“Competition & Antitrust” (the activities will be held at the Faculty of Law, University of Bucharest and Nicolae Titulescu University)

9 - 13 July, 2018


Olympia Summer Academy, Nafplio, Greece 

Conflict & political violence, Terrorism and European Security, Capitalism, Post-Ottoman Order, Forced Displacement, Risk analysis

8 - 18 July, 2018 OR 8 - 13 July, 2018 OR 13 -18 July, 2018


Osnabrück University, Germany

Intercultural Competencies (Institute of Psychology), Biomembranes and Cellular Microcompartments (School of Biology/Chemistry), German Tax Law and Treaty Policy (School of Law)

6 - 29 July, 2018


Prague Summer School of Journalism, Czech Republic

"Cross-platform foreign correspondence"

1 - 15 September, 2018


Queen Mary University of London, United Kingdom

16 courses, ranging from International Relations, Law, Cultural Studies, Physics, Global Health and many more

Session 1: 25 June - 13 July, 2018; Session 2: 16 July - 3 August, 2018


Samara National Research University, Russia

"The Summer School 2018 aims to discover challenges of management of high-tech enterprises. We have an exciting offer of high technology projects commercialization study. This course is open to all ambitious students studying human sciences or engineering and mathematics."

July summer school: 19 - 29 July, 2018

August summer school: 3 - 13 August, 2018


Schola Empirica, Prague, Czech Republic

six different courses

1 - 8 July, 2018


Tallinn University, Estonia

Language Courses, Creative Courses, Educational Sciences, Humanities and Social Sciences, Interdisciplinary Courses

3-week programme in July 2018


Tilburg University, the Netherlands

Data Science, Supply Chain Management, Entrepreneurship, Sexual Violence and Human Trafficking, Cultural Diversity, Transforming Art, Death, the Bible and Computer Games, Religion & Peace, Future Proof: Finding a job in the Netherlands as an international student, English courses, Dutch courses, Spanish courses

several start dates and durations


Transparency School Team, Vilnius, Lithuania

"Intensive anti-corruption training for future leaders"

2 - 8 July, 2018


UniTrento, Trento, Italy

1) Summer School on Global Challenges 

1 - 14 July, 2018 

2) Summer School on Italian Culture

8 - 21 July, 2018 

3) Summer School on Automative Business and Innovation

20 - 28 July, 2018

Universität Bayreuth, Bayreuth, Germany

Courses in Economics & Management, African Studies, Public Health & Global Change, Energy & Climate, Polymers Science & Engineering, Polymer Science & Biofabrication and International Comparative Law

1 - 15 July, 2018


University College Cork, Ireland

"The Language Centre offers full-time summer courses in General English, exam preparation and English for Academic Purposes. The General English courses are from Pre-intermediate (A2) level to Proficiency (C2). There are also afternoon classes focusing on Business English, English for Academic Purposes (EAP),Grammar Clinic & Exam Strategies and Focus on speaking. One-to-one tuition is also available."

If any student or staff from the Utrecht Network would like to avail of a short Summer programme, for themselves and/or for their family members, UCC would be happy to extend a special 10% discount to them on any of our existing full-time English language programme tuition costs for our International Summer School 2018. The Summer Price List can be found here.

To avail of this special offer, applicants should quote ‘Utrecht’ on their application form and give details of which university/staff member they are attached to and the office will take it from there and apply the discount. Full details of our summer school can be found at our website (see link above) and application forms should be returned to  

25 June - 31 August, 2018


Université Grenoble Alpes, France

"Of mountains and men in a changing world": where academics and specialists from accross the mountain studies fields will share their knowledge

4 - 15 June, 2018


University of Angers, Angers, France

1) FRESCO Summer school

10 - 15 June, 2018

2) Enfance et bien-être

2 - 6 July, 2018

3) Vascular Summer Schools

2 - 6 July, 2018

4) Primary care

2 - 6 July, 2018

5) Tourism

2 - 12 July, 2018

6) Simulation in health care

2 - 13 July, 2018

7) Bioinformatics

2 - 13 July, 2018

8) Plant health and quality

2 - 18 July, 2018


University of Antwerp, Belgium

1) 17 courses in Applied Economics, Arts, Design Sciences, Law, Medicine and Health Sciences and Science

between 25 June and 31 August, 2018

2) Intensive 10-day programme on companies crossing borders; exploring various legal domains on the basis of a take-over case.

20 - 31 August, 2018


University of Bern, Switzerland

Confronting Climate Change – from Science to Policy

August 2018


University of Bologna: WeTell Summer School, Italy

"focuses on the art and practice of Performing Storytelling"

4 - 15 June, 2018


University of Bonn, Germany

International Summer Course for German Language and Cultural Studies; the Summer School on Development Policy, Summer School on Intellectual Property

7 - 31 August, 2018


University of Eastern Finland, Joensuu and Kuopio, Finland

Courses at the Philosophical Faculty, Faculty of Science and Forestry, Faculty of Health, Faculty of Social Sciences and Business Studies, Language Centre

13 - 24 August, 2018 


University of Glasgow, Scotland, United Kingdom

a range of credit and non-credit bearing courses in the Arts, Social Sciences, Life Sciences, Science and Engineering

between 11 June and 10 August, 2018


University of Jyväskylä, Finland

Summer School in Human Sciences

21 May - 15 June, 2018


University of Milano-Bicocca, Italy

Economics and statistical Sciences, Medicine and Surgery, Educational Sciences, Natural and Social Science

different start and end dates in different locations between 4 June - 23 September, 2018


Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona, Spain

26 courses taught in English, Spanish or Catalan. These courses deal with current topics such as Social Movements, Environment, Gender Politics, Big Data, Humanities or New Frontiers in Biology and are designed to be innovative both in content and methodology.

between 25 June - 27 July, 2018


University of Tartu, Estonia

Social Sciences, Law Business and IT & Humanities and Language Programmes

different cities, between 1 July and 30 August, 2018


University of Trier, Germany

German classes

6 - 31 August, 2018


University of Valencia, Spain

“Challenges for the XXI century: data, information and communication”

26 June - 5 July, 2018


University of Vienna, Austria

courses in law, politics, economics, history, cultural studies and German

14 July - 11 August, 2018


Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona, Spain

"Barcelona Summer School in Survey Methodology"

25 June - 6 July, 2018


Vilnius Summer School, Lithuania

Three separate courses on military, cyber and energy security

7 - 14 July, 2018


Vrije Universiteit Brussel, Belgium

1) Brussels Privacy Hub's 3rd European Data Protection Law Summer School: Putting the GDPR into practice and context

25 - 29 June, 2018

2) Summer School on EU policy-making: BREXIT focus

2 - 13 July, 2018 (1st week in Brussels, 2nd week in Vienna)

3) Summer School Biotech: where biology meets technology

25 - 29 June, 2018


Zomerschool NWIB, verschillende locaties

"Dynamisch erfgoed: de stad in beweging"

Plenaire startweek in Utrecht: 9 - 13 juli 2018

Veldwerkweken in:

- Rome: 16 - 30 juli 2018

- Sint Petersburg: 17 - 28 september 2018

- Athene: 18 - 30 september

- Florence: 17 - 27 juli 2018

Slotbijeenkomst in Utrecht: 2 november 2018

! De voertaal is Nederlands

! This course is held in Dutch


Michigan State University, East Lansing (Michigan), USA

Global Enterprise Design; Modern Packaging; Food, Water & Our Community; American Culture & Society; or Smart Transport Engineering

17 July - 8 August, 2018


Universidad del Pacifico, Lima, Peru

1) Summer program in Lima

a) Introduction to Latin American Literature  (in Spanish)
b) Socioeconomic and Political Reality in Peru  (in Spanish)
c) Intermediate Spanish Grammar
d) Advance Spanish Gramar
e) International Marketing  (in English)
f) International Trade and Negotation  (in English) 
g) Culture, Composition, and Conversation​​

18 May - 23 June, 2018

2) Culture, composition and conversation in Spanish

2 - 13 July, 2018

3) Entrepreneurship and Innovation

9 - 20 July, 2018



University of Alberta, Edmonton (Alberta), Canada

"Morning academic lectures combined with afternoon workshops, ending with a final group project to encourage deeper reflection on their experiences."

14 July - 4 August, 201​8


University of British Columbia, Vancouver (British Colombia), Canada

Course Packages offered: 57 different packages in the areas of Applied Science, Architecture, Arts, Business, Community and Regional Planning, Dentistry, Education, Forestry, Kinesiology, Land and Food Systems, Medicine, Nursing, Pharmaceutical Science, Earth Ocean and Atmospheric Sciences, and Integrated Sciences

14 July - 14 August, 2018


Washington University, St. Louis (Missouri), USA

More than 50 courses in subject areas like economics, politics and culture, music, pre-medical studies, and business

13 July - 17 August, 2018


Chinese University of Hong Kong, Sha Tin, Hong Kong

July session: Business & management, China studies, Chinese language (Cantonese and Putonghua), Environment, science & technology and Humanities & social science

24 June - 1 August, 2018

August session: offers intensive training in Putonghua for students to acquire pragmatic competence in the Chinese language through classroom learning and immersion activities.

3 - 25 August, 2018


EBA Program, Chulalongkorn University, Thailand

Students choose two of the following courses: ASEAN Economies, East Asian Economics, Current Major Economic Issues, Economic Diplomacy

4 June - 20 July, 2018


Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel

Coexistence in the Middle East (CME)

2 - 26 July , 2018 OR 1 - 14 August, 2018 OR 27 December, 2018 - 10 January, 2019


2 - 26 July, 2018 OR 27 December, 2018 - 10 January, 2019


LSE-PKU, Peking, China

London School of Economics and Peking University partnership

"15 courses from across the social sciences, all with reference and relevance to China and Asia today"

6 - 17 August, 2017


Lingnan University, Hong Kong

Courses in life sciences, economics, history, sociology, languages, politics and more

Session 1: 30 May - 9 July, 2018; Session 2: 3 - 20 July, 2018; Session 3: 23 July - 10 August, 2018


National Taiwan University, Taipei City, Taiwan

Innovation, Entrepreneurship & Sustainability Summer Programme

15 July - 10 August, 2018


RMIT University, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Vietnam Urban Architecture, Contemporary and Traditional Vietnamese Fashion Studies, Vietnamese Photography Studio, An Introduction to Contemporary Vietnamese Fine Art, Innovation and Commercialization

25 June - 13 July, 2018


Singapore Management University, Singapore

12 courses divided in three clusters

2 - 27 July, 2018


Summer Institute in China, Beijing, China (co-operation with UU)

Two parallel curricula: “Summer Institute on Climate Change, Energy and Environmental Protection” (Law, Policy, Economics and Technology on Climate Change and Environmental issues) and  "Summer Institute on Intellectual Property Rights and China"

7 July - 4 August, 2018


Sungkyunkwan University, Seoul, Zuid-Korea

Courses in Business & Management, Economics, Socil Sciences and many more

25 June - 20 July, 2018


Tsinghua University, Beijing, China

The program offers small interactive classes on a wide range of topics in the Chinese context including Architecture, Creative City, Education, History, Tomorrow’s Youth, Economy and Gender Studies etc.

16 - 27 July, 2018


Universitas Indonesia, Depok, Indonesia

Engineering, Economics and Business, Political Sciences, Psychology, Computer Sciences, Humanities, Law

Term 4: 8 - 21 July, 2018 OR 8 - 28 July, 2018

Term 5: 29 July - 11 August, 2018

Term 6: 16 - 29 September 2018 OR 16 September - 6 October, 2018

Term 7: 25 November - 8 December, 2018 OR 25 November - 25 December, 2018


Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta, Indonesia

International Tropical Medicine Summer School (ITMSS) "Let's Talk About Indonesia's Tropical Medicine: An Update of Traveler Disease and Its Safety"

30 July - 17 August, 2018


Waseda University, Tokyo, Japan

The student chooses 2 from 14 courses such as literature and art, business, culture, economics, history, politics and sociology in the context of Japan and Asia pacific

25 June - 19 July, 2018


LSE-UCT, Cape Town, South Africa

London School of Economics - Univerisity of Cape Town partnership

"5 courses across the social sciences all with reference and relevance to Africa today"

25 June - 6 July, 2018


Stellenbosch Summer School, South Africa

1) General Elective Programme (13 different courses)

between 22 June and 20 July, 2018

2) LSCE (Learning, Sustainability and Community Engagement)

22 June - 20 July, 2018

3) Doing Business in Southern Africa

22 June - 20 July, 2018

4) Public Health

22 June - 20 July, 2018