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Academic calendar

Semester I: 1st week of September - late December
Semester II: 1st week of January - late April

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Students must be in good academic standing. Generally students find the academic culture challenging.

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English requirement:
Master's students: After being selected by Utrecht University, graduate-level students (Applying to School of Graduate Studies) need to hand in an official test with their application (before March 1)
TOEFL (iBT): minimum 93 overall, with minimum 22 on the writing and speaking sections
IELTS Academic: minimum overall band of 7.0, with no band below 6.5

Areas of study open to exchange students

Please mention in your motivation letter which campus you are interested in and why:

More information about the options

Courses at Master’s level

Yes, but you must meet the School of graduate Studies admission requirements

Please note that placement at the School of Graduate studies is more complicated and takes more time than for bachelor students. Acceptance is not guaranteed. Whether students are accepted depends on a lot of variables, for example academic standing, but also availability at the department. Always make a back up plan, as placement is not guaranteed.

Language of instruction


Housing assistance

On-campus housing is only guaranteed on the Scarborough campus. There is not guarantee on-campus housing for exchange students at our St. George and Mississauga campuses. Assistance is provided to students, but housing cannot be guaranteed. It is extremely unlikely that students would find on-campus housing if they are only coming first semester.  

More information

Estimated living costs per month

Approximately $1500-$2500, most expensive campus to more affordable campus: St George, Mississauga, Scarborough

Health Insurance Requirements: UHIP is mandatory and costs $55/month

Did you know there are free shuttle busses to the Mississauga Campus and a lot of options to reach Scarborough too. Read about transportation options

More information

Number of places available

7  semester places per year for bachelor & master students, selection was necessary in the past few years.

3 semester places per year for students of the Research Master Humanities.

After the 1 December deadline it is not possible anymore to apply for an exchange to this partner university, even for semester 2 (start January next academic year), due to early application deadlines. This means you have to apply before December 1st.

Campus placement

6 Places for St. George and 4 places for the Mississauga (UTM) or Scarborough (UTSC) campuses.
Campus placement at selection is final and cannot be switched later.

Application in Osiris:

In your motivation letter you must list a top 3 on which campus you would like to be placed. It is important that you look into the courses available on each campus. Your top 3 may also be a top 2 or just one choice. 


Selection for the St. George Campus was necessary in the past few years. You are advised to look at Mississauga and Scarborough too.

After the deadline a list of candidates is made by drawing lots. The student placed on nr. 1 will be placed on their number 1 campus until one of the campuses is full. If a student has chosen a campus that is full we will check whether one of the other campuses is mentioned in the motivation letter. If so the student is placed on that campus. If not the student will be rejected for University of Toronto and we will check whether a placement for the second choice is possible. 

Credits and grading

You can find information on this university’s credits in the credit conversion table



If you have any questions about this universitywide partner university, contact the universitywide International Office.