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General important information

The University of California offers an opportunity to go on exchange through the Education Abroad Program (EAP). This program has three basic characteristics:

  1. Exchange on Bachelor’s (undergraduate) level.
  2. You can apply to all of the 9 UC campuses of UC. You list 3 campus choices in the EAP application after you have been selected
  3. Placement on the campus of your first choice cannot be guaranteed, but EAP will try to meet your top 3 preference. There is a small chance that you will be placed on a campus outside your top 3.


Student experiences

Below you will find the student experiences per campus. 

After your selection at Utrecht University, you will apply online at UC. You have to list a top 3 of UC-campuses where you would like to be placed. When your application is reviewed by UC they will place you on a campus. It is not possible to change this.

Please read the experiences carefully and make an informed decision. All campuses at UC offer a great exchange experience!

Download the student experiences of UC Berkeley

Download the student experiences of UC Davis

Download the student experiences of UC Irvine

Download the student experiences of UC Los Angeles

Download the student experiences of UC Merced

Download the student experiences of UC Riverside

Download the student experiences of UC San Diego

Download the student experiences of UC Santa Barbara

Download the student experiences of UC Santa Cruz


General information for exchange students

Course information - look at the class schedule of a campus (and not ‘courses’ / catalog)

Social media



UCEAP Reciprocity: Nine Unique Academic Opportunities (YouTube)

One UC Davis in 30 Seconds (YouTube)

Academic calendar

Please check the timeline

  • You need an average grade of at least 6,85 / GPA 2.85 at the time of your UU application. This concerns the average of all your UU grades and is a strict requirement. Applications with lower grades will be rejected.
  • Students who follow multiple study programmes need both their average grades to be above 6,85
  • You will need to have a minimum number of 90 ECTS at the time of departure.
  • EAP is unable to accept students who already have a bachelor diploma (it is fine if you have fulfilled all your bachelor requirements but do not yet have your diploma when you start your studies at UC). If you have a Dutch HBO diploma, please contact me before December 1st

After selection by Utrecht University, you will have to fulfill the language requirements
You will receive more information about this during the EAP Meeting in December.

Areas of study open to exchange students

Almost all (undergraduate) areas of study are open to exchange students, but there are restrictions! Please keep in mind that some Bachelor’s majors may be very popular and selective. It may therefore be more difficult, and sometimes not possible, to register for courses in this field, and you must be prepared to attend any host UC campus. For all information about these Impacted Majors and the information on prerequisites please look at the majors information.


Application in Osiris

Mention in your motivation letter your top 3

In Osiris you must choose: University of California (EAP)

Courses at Master’s level

It is not possible to go on this EAP exchange at Master’s (graduate) level.

Graduate students may be able to create their own exchange possibility by contacting a UC professor directly to check if they can come to UC as a ‘Visiting Student / Researcher’.

  • Berkeley
  • Davis
  • Irvine
  • Los Angeles
  • Merced
  • Riverside
  • San Diego
  • Santa Barbara
  • Santa Cruz
Housing assistance

Housing facilities are not guaranteed by EAP and must be arranged by the applicant. However, the host campus can assist you in finding university-owned or private accommodation. More information about housing can be found in the Student Guide and the Pre-Arrival Instructions.

Estimated living costs per month

Living expenses differ per campus and there is a large variation. 

More information

Credits and grading

Students are advised a maximum of 17 UC units. 1 UC unit is 1.33 EC = 22.61 EC per semester or quarter. Exceptions can be made but only on special request. This means that especially in the fall quarter/semester it is difficult (almost impossible) to obtain 30 EC within your exchange.

You can find information on this university’s credits in the credit conversion table

Number of places available

30 semester places available, we expect selection to be necessary for 24-25.


If you have any questions about this universitywide partner university, contact the universitywide International Office:

Asia, Latin America & Middle East

Name: Ms. Clim Gorissen

North America & UK

Name: Ms. Cathelijne van Weelden

Australia, New Zealand, South Africa & Spain*

Name: Ms. Tessel Arendsen

* Universidad Complutense de Madrid and Universitat de Barcelona


Name: Ms. Mandy van den Houten

photo of Patrick Chan

General exchange questions

Name: Patrick Chan

Erasmus+ grant questions

The International Office can only help you with questions related to the content of your Learning Agreement and with signing documents on behalf of the Sending Institution.

For all other Erasmus+ grant related questions, please refer to the Erasmus+ grants for Studies page (scroll down to “Contact the Erasmus Office” to make an appointment) or send an e-mail to

For questions about faculty programmes and internships, contact the Faculty International Offices.

Phone availability

Phone: +31 (0)30-2531224
Office hours for calling: Monday and Thursday, 13:30-15:00 - NOT AVAILABLE: 15 July – 15 August 2024

Make an appointment via Teams

We are available for appointments via Teams. If you have a question, use the calendar below to make an appointment.

If you are unable to make it to your appointment, please do not forget to cancel.