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University of Aruba is an exchange destination for students of the SCHOOL OF LAW, ECONOMICS and GOVERNANCE

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Language:The University of Aruba is an official bilingual institution (English/Dutch). English taught programs require students to have a certified proficiency level in English already.

Language courses are available to incoming students in Papiamento, English and Spanish. Although not official languages of Aruba, the majority of people speak English, Dutch and/or Spanish allowing students to integrate easily outside the University.


Areas of study open for exchange students

The Faculty of Arts and Science (FAS) in the field of Organization, Governance and Management (OGM) / Social Work and Development

Faculty of Law

In case students have previous knowledge also at the Faculty for  Faculty for Accounting, Finance and Marketing (FEF)
As an international exchange student, you can plan your courses by combining various courses offered by FEF, or combine these with courses offered at the other faculties at the University of Aruba. All courses with the exception of first year courses and AFY coded courses are open for international students. Note: AU does not encourage to choose courses from differrent faculties due to the conflicting schedules that might arise.

Courses offered at the FEF are not limited to students in a Business program, but it is highly recommended for students to have previous knowledge in the field of Accounting & Finance and/or Marketing to be able to successfully complete the chosen courses at our faculty.

When choosing courses please be aware that you can't choose Academic Foundation Year Courses. All the courses in the course catalog that have the code AFY are prohibited.

All the first year courses from FEF (Law) and SWD (Social Work and Development) are also prohibited.

FEF first year courses have the code FP.

SWD first year courses can be found in the study guide.



Course catalogue

Course catalogue

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You can find information on this university’s credits in the credit conversion table

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Number of places: 2 

It is not possible to apply for an Erasmus+ scholarship since Aruba is a constituent country of the Kingdom of the Netherlands.

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