Université Panthéon Assas (Paris)

Université Panthéon Assas (Paris II) is an exchange destination for bachelor students of the Utrecht University School of Law.

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General information 

Information for Exchange Students (French only)

Academic calendar

Semester I: Mid September up to and including January

Semester II: End of January up to and including June

Academic calendar


Requirement: French B2 (CEFR) certificate recommended.

Language of instruction: French or English.*

*Most courses offered to exchange students are conducted in French. From the 2021‐2022 academic year, courses in Law are also offered in English. However, there is not sufficient certainty that there will be enough courses to follow in English. Please be aware of this with regard to the Erasmus+ grant. Students who choose only courses taught in English must attend 4.5 hours of French language classes per week.

Areas of study open for exchange students


Courses proposed for exchange students.

Course information

We offer a list of courses on studiesinclusive.www.u-paris2.fr–section: International/ Venir étudierà Paris II / En programmed’échange/Cours proposés selon les disciplines

French Courses:

English courses - Students who choose only courses taught in English must attend 4.5 hours of French language classes per week.

Please be aware of the fact that for the Erasmus+ grant you have to follow at least 22,5 ECTS per semester. We cannot guarantee that there will be enough courses offered in English. Therefore, it might be possible that you would need to follow French courses as well, for which you need French at B2 level or higher. 

Courses at Master level


Estimated living costs per month

Rent: €300-600 p.m.
Meals: €300 p.m.
Transportation: €55 p.m.
Contingencies: €250-300 p.m.

More information


See the website

Health insurance

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UU board of examiners

Additional information

Number of places available: 8 students max. 5 months or 4 students, max. 10 months

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Contact the International Exchange Office of the Faculty of Law, Economics and Governance.

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