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Università di Bologna is a universitywide partner in Bologna, Italy.

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Academic calendar

Semester I: mid September – end of January
Semester II: early February – late July

Orientation generally commences mid September for Semester I and early February for Semester II.

Exams take place in January for Semester I and in June and July for Semester II.

Exact dates depend greatly on the faculty, see more information (by clicking on the relevant Faculty).


GPA (Average Grade) 

There is no GPA requirement for this destination.

Language Requirement

It is advised you are proficient in at least A2 Italian and B1/B2 English.

Areas of study open to exchange students

Almost all, but the number of courses offered in English is limited. 

Courses at Master’s level


Language of instruction

Mainly courses in Italian, limited courses in English. You need to show your proficiency in the Italian language in case courses are not in English. 

Housing assistance

Università di Bologna guides incoming exchange students in finding accommodation. Finding accommodation can be difficult however and it is advised you start looking for residence early.

See the housing options

Estimated living costs per month

Average living costs are around 700 EUR per month (Estimate from 2022).

You can find a more detailed breakdown of expenses here.


Normal study load per term in credits: 30, in courses:3-4.

ECTS grading scale: A- E

Number of places available

15 places per year.


Selection was necessary in the past few years.

You are advised not to place this exchange destination as a second or third choice.

A beautiful ancient courtyard at the University of Bologna.



If you have any questions about this universitywide partner university, contact the universitywide International Office.