Universidad Francisco de Vitoria


Universidad Fransisco de Vitoria is an exchange destination for University College Utrecht students, located in Madrid, Spain. 

Number of places available

3 per semester

Academic calendar

Fall semester: early September – mid-January (including exam period) 

Spring semester: mid-January – late May (including exam period) 

Resit exams period: mid-June – early July 

Language of instruction

This destination has a language of instruction other than English. This means that you need to have at least a language proficiency level of CEFR B2 Spanish. You need to complete Spanish Language and Culture II (UCHUMSPA21) or get an exemption from the UCU Language & Culture coordinator, and it is your own responsibility to achieve at least B2 Spanish. This language requirement is partly for your own protection, so you can take courses at the same level as you do at UCU, and partly because we believe it allows you to have an experience abroad that is more immersive, enriching and culturally valuable to you. 

There are English courses available, but not in all departments and the possibility of oversubscription means you might have to take courses in Spanish. 

Course offerings

You can find the courses offered (including a list of courses taught in English) here

Course levels

UFV divides courses by the semester in which they are usually taken. There are four years in a normal degree at UFV, so 8 semesters.  

Credit system

UFV uses the ECTS system, just like UCU. Courses are 6 ECTS, so you should take 5 courses for a full course load. 

Grade system

UFV uses a 0-10 system where 5.0 is the lowest passing grade. 


The university does not guarantee housing, but the international office does offer tips and agencies to help you find a place in Madrid. Also see here. The university recommends that you arrive before the orientation period to find housing. There are also on-campus residencies for students. These include meal plans and other services. Find out more here


You should budget for at least 900 euros per month for an renting an apartment, and living expenses (transportation, food, etc.) but not with many extras. However, if you choose to live in a university residence, it is much more expensive, as it usually includes full board.  Prices range around 1000 euros per month in a residence in Madrid. 


There are two mandatory orientation days for international students before the start of each semester. There is also a buddy program where international students get paired up with Spanish students. 


The university is located in Madrid, a city of over 3 million inhabitants and the capital of Spain. The city has a rich history and many tourist sites, such as the royal palace. Click here for a university page about living in Madrid and here for general student information. The city has a warm continental climate. Temperatures do not get too cold in winter and very warm in summer. There is very little rain. 

Student life

The university has about 12,500 students.  

The campus is located about 15 km from the center of Madrid. Besides public transport, the university also offers a shuttle service to central points in the city free of charge.  

There are on-campus committees that engage in activities such as debates, theater, sports, and volunteering. The university also organizes academic and cultural activities, and offers support for students. Find out more about all these here. There are also sports facilities on campus including a pool which are available to students for a membership fee. 

Student experiences

Unversidad Francisco de Vitoria is a new destination, and therefore we have not received feedback from our students yet. Be the first to discover Universidad Fransisco de Vitoria!