National Chengchi University (Taipei)

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National Chengchi University is an exchange destination for Utrecht University students of the faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences in Taipei, Taiwan.

Student experiences

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General information for exchange students

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Application procedure

Academic calendar

Semester I: September - January
Semester II: February - June


Areas of study open to exchange students

Courses at the International College of Innovation or courses at the College of Social Sciences

Language of instruction


Housing assistance

Information about student accommodation


Credits and grading

You can find information on this university’s credits in the credit conversion table

Estimated living costs


Apply to all exchange students:Students’ Safety Insurance fee of NT$121per semester(Required)

Apply to 1-semester exchange students: Buy overseas medical insurance in home country to cover the entire stay in Taiwan.The fee varies in different countries.

Apply to 1-year exchange students with ARC (Alien Resident Certificate):

         1. Buy Overseas Medical Insurance in home country before departure for the first 6months in Taiwan (Sept.-Feb. or Feb.-July).The fee varies in different countries.

         2. Required to join the National Health Insuranceafter 6 months of continuous residencein Taiwan; insurance fee: NT$749/month



NT$10,000/ month (estimated)

Public Transport

NT$3,000/ month (estimated)


NT$5,000~NT$8,000/ semester(estimated) depends on how many classes students take


Depends on what type of accommodation you choose. It’s less expensive for on-campus dormitory, which charges by semester (details refer to V. Accommodation Section).

Off-campus housing fees range from NT$10,000-20,000 per month.

Number of places available

8 places per year. 4 at the International College of Innovation, 4 at the College of Social Sciences


At least an average grade of 6.6 (GPA: 2.5).