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Macquarie University is a universitywide partner in Sydney, Australia.


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General information for exchange students

With a wide array of different units available on our course handbook, students should be able to find a unit that would fit their interests and study plans, as long as it is not on our restricted units list.

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Academic calendar

Semester I: 2nd Week of February - end of June
Semester II: 2nd Week of July - end of November


Applicants must have a grade point average of 6.55 (out of 10) or higher be eligible for the Exchange/Study Abroad program.

If you are selected to go to Macquarie, keep in mind that you will have to meet the English Language Requirements. You don’t have to worry about this until after you have been selected by UU. Non native speakers of English will need to provide an IELTS or TOEFL test result. The University’s English Language Requirements will ONLY be waived if you have a Dutch VWO or HAVO diploma with minimum grade 7: no exceptions will be made. > More information

Courses at Master’s level

Yes, if students have completed the equivalent of a Bachelor degree. Individual subjects/units/ courses will be approved in accordance with selection criteria and previous studies.

Language of instruction


Housing assistance

Yes > More information

Estimated living costs per month

An international single student living in Sydney requires approx. $1200-$1600 (AUD) for living expenses each month.


You can find information on this university’s credits in the credit conversion table

Number of places available

8 places per year (bilateral exchange). Selection was necessary in the past few years. 

Studenten ontspannen in een mooi park met een fontein.



If you have any questions about this universitywide partner university, contact the universitywide International Office.