Hanyang University (Seoul)

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Hanyang University  is an exchange destination for University College Utrecht students in Seoul, South-Korea.

Hanyang University is interesting for all fields.

Number of places available

3 per semester

Academic calendar

Fall Semester: Early September – end of December
Spring Semester: Early March – mid-June

Language of instruction

English (15%) & Korean

Course offerings

The English Course List is available about a month prior to new semester. If you would like some indication of the courses available you can find the course lists for previous years here.

Application deadlines

Fall Semester: April 1–15
Spring Semester: October 1–15

Credit system

A full-time study load at Hanyang is considered 12-20 credits per semester. These credits are comparable to UCU-credits, so you’ll have to do 16 credits to have equivalent of 30 EC ( 1 credits = 1,875 EC). Courses are usually 2-3 credits.


Grade system

Hanyang works with the following A-F system:

GradeBasic grade pointHanyang Grade

In most residences, students share a room with one other student, in a few with three others, and sometimes single rooms are also available. Students can apply tof Hanyang’s housing approximately 2 months before the start of the semester. More information can be found here. Currently, the on-campus dormitory is not available until further notice.

Hanyang University recently opened their brand new Erica campus which may be of interest to students. More information on the campus can be found here.



Spring Semester (4 months): approx. 1,300,000KRW (approx. 980 Euro)
Fall Semester (6 months): approx. 1,950,000KRW (approx. 1,400 Euro)
This is excluding meals. Hanyang indicates the monthly costs at 700,000 KRW (€500). This would include room, food, leisure, transport and health insurance.

You can find housing fees here


There is an Orientation for exchange students at the beginning of the semester, which is 1 – 2 days before the semester starts. Apart from that, there are several activities organised specifically for exchange students: field trips, sports festival, garden parties, etcetera.

Student experiences

Make sure that courses you want to take are indeed taught in English! Enrolment can be competitive so be proactive about it. Students also advise mingling with Korean students: they may be shy but are very willing to show exchange students their culture. The Hanyang new dormitory is fully equipped and nearby the subway station. A mentoring program is available in which Hanyang students help international students settle in and provide assistance with course selection, student cards, local events etc… The application for this is included in the online application for the exchange.


Hanyang University is located in Seoul, a city of nearly 10 million inhabitants and the capital of South Korea. Seoul is a popular tourist destination with many temples and historical sights, as well as modern attractions and nightlife. Find out more here

The climate in Seoul is affected by monsoons. This leads to a hot and humid summer with intense rainfall, but winters that are colder than Utrecht’s with much less rain. There are also issues with air pollution. 

Student life

Hangyang University has two separate campuses, both of which have student residences, food and grocery stores, sports facilities, and different academic colleges. Hanyang (Seoul) campus is on the edge of Seoul proper. ERICA campus is some 40 km southwest of Seoul. There is the Hanyang Global Student Union (HGSU), which is dedicated to organizing activities and support for international students, and to facilitate mixing between Korean and foreign students. 

More information

For information about the requirements for studying abroad, the application procedure and more, go to UCU's Study abroad page. 

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