Gadjah Mada University (Yogyakarta)

Gadjah Mada University in Yogyakarta, Indonesia is an exchange destination for students of the School of Law and the School of Governance .

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Student experiences


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Faculty of Social and Political Sciences

Student exchange


Academic calendar

Semester 1: August – December

Welcome week (student enrolment): Early August
Lecture Period: August – December
Final Examination Period: Late December

Semester 2: February – June

Welcome days (student enrolment): Early February
Lecture Period: February – June
Final Examination Period: Late June

Please note that there will be an International Student Orientation one to two weeks before the semester starts to introduce the UGM environment and facilities to the students.

Language requirements

One of the following:
TOEFL: 550 (paper-based);
IELTS: no less than 5.5;
iBT: minimum 70

*Exception: If you have a Dutch VWO Diploma and passed your English course(s), the international exchange office can issue you a Language Proficiency Letter to validate your English level. 

Language of instruction


Areas of study open for exchange students

The exchange agreement is with the Faculty of Social and Political Sciences. In the Exchange Program - Courses Overview, you can choose courses from these three departments.

Alternatively, consult the list of courses offered in English at the Faculty of Social and Political Sciences. 

Students may also choose regular program courses at - however, regular courses use Bahasa Indonesia as the language of instruction.

Courses at Master level


Estimated living costs per month

Living cost in Yogyakarta is relatively cheaper than other big cities.
A student may expend IDR 1.500.000 – 25000.000 per month (approximately USD 100 – 200 month) for meals, clothing, and daily expenses; exclude housing expenses.

A certain amount of fee will be required in order to process study permit, visa authorization (telex visa), limited stay visa (VITAS) and Multiple Exit Re-entry Permit (MERP).


You can find information on this university’s credits in the credit conversion table

Each course at UGM is typically worth 3 credits, which is the equivalent of 7,5 hours work or around 3,75 ECTS credits. Full time programmes at UGM consist of 24 credits per semester. 
UGM awards letter grades only (A-E), incomplete or pass/non-pass not available.


All international students must have a valid visa to enter Indonesia. UGM suggests student to get the student visa. But, the process to obtain this immigration document will take about 60 to 90 days, because students should get a study permit (from the Ministry of Research, Technology & Higher Education in Indonesia) and telex visa (from the Directorate General of Immigration-Jakarta) before applying for student visa at the Indonesian Embassy in your home country or residences.

These immigration process of obtaining study permit and telex visa can be complicated, but the university can assist to recommend an agent to process your immigration documents with student’s expenses.

Herewith some more details
As per December 2021, there are a few payment details that shall be completed by international students namely e-Visa, Visa Authorization, Limited Stay Permit (ITAS) and Multiple Exit Re-Entry Permit (MERP), and Administration Fee. The e-Visa is billed in USD by the Government, therefore the exact amount depends on the day of the Letter of Offer issuance. Therefore, we could only give the approximate amount of fee that will be billed to students:

6 months à USD 350
1 year à USD 450
2 years à USD 600

Health insurance

All international students should have International medical insurance valid for their entire study at Universitas Indonesia. Exchange students are advised to prepare insurance in their home country.

The cost is of health insurance fee for international student: approximately USD 120 per semester


It is not compulsory for a student to live in campus boarding house. But UGM provides some options of shared-room boarding house around campus. If the student is willing to live outside UGM boarding house is acceptable since there are many affordable private boarding house nearby. 

Reference for housing:

Hospitality Directory (including housing information)


Additional information

Number of places: 3 students, 1 for each semester


Do you have any questions about this partner university or would you like to know more?

Contact the International Exchange Office of the Faculty of Law, Economics and Governance.

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