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Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, University of Helsinki is a destination in Finland for MA students veterinary medicine after completion of the differentiated part of the masterprogramme.

Areas of study open to exchange students

Electives, clinical rotations and research.

Number of places available

2 (this number indicates the places available for study/electives and clinical rotations).

Student experiences

For student experiences - ervaringsverhalen please go to the Blackboard Community of the International Office of Veterinary Medicine (only accessible for veterinary medicine students).


Teaching hospital

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Academic calendar

Semester I: End of August - End of December
Semester II: Mid January - End of May

Starting dates for clinical practices: end of January or end of February.

Please note; for clinical rotations at Helsinki you need to apply before April 30 for the upcoming Academic year. So plan ahead!


For following clinical rotations students need to have an English B2 level (not necessary to hand in a language test).

Course catalogue

For information about the possibilities please go to the International Office Blackboard page (only accessible for veterinary medicine students).

Courses at Master’s level


Courses taught in English

There are no English taught electives.

Clinical rotations are offered in English in the spring (January - May). During the fall, instruction is in Finnish or Swedish (August - December).

Please note: patient owners don’t necessarily speak English. 

In general, exchange students rotate in all three hospitals (small animal, equine, production animal) with their assigned student group. Exceptions can be agreed on case-by-case basis. Attendance in the clinics is full-time. The group size in each clinical rotation unit is 18 to 20 students, and these students are further divided into smaller groups. The students get plenty of clinical hands-on experience. Each clinic group has a tutor student helping exchange students to integrate (during academic term from February to May). Veterinary Teaching Hospital can accept total 12 exchange students from its partner universities.

Check the International office Blackboard page (only accessible for veterinary medicine students) for extended information and the different dates and rotation possibilities.

Most of the faculty, including The Small Animal Hospital and the Equine Hospital, is located in the University of Helsinki’s Viikki campus, around 8 km from the center of Helsinki. For the most part Department of Production Animal Medicine and the Production Animal Hospital are located in Saari estate in Mäntsälä, about 70 km North from Viikki campus.


For the students wanting to live in a student dormitory, University of Helsinki has agreed with housing providers, including Unihome and HOAS (Foundation for Student Housing in the Helsinki Region), on a number of rooms for incoming exchange students. Apartments are located around Helsinki. Students should choose their housing option based on their budget and their wishes.

Exchange students submit their housing application as a part of their exchange application. Their information will be forwarded to housing providers. Each exchange student will receive one housing offer.

Information about various other housing options is available here.


Estimated living costs per month

Costs and finance
The monthly living costs for a student in Helsinki for basics such as food, rent and transportation are on average 900-1250 EUR depending on lifestyle.


Per full-time week 1,5 ECTS


Not necessary if you have a European nationality.

International Office Diergeneeskunde

Ideeën en vragen?

Je kunt bij het International Office (IO) Diergeneeskunde terecht met al je vragen over het volgen van onderwijs in het buitenland.

Het International Office bestaat uit: 
Inge Hordijk (coördinator) en Fabiënne van der Sijs.


Heb je een afspraak op locatie? Je kunt op de 1e verdieping in het studielandschap wachten bij het bankje bij de giraf.