Water, Climate & Ecosystems

Natural systems such as soil, plants, water and atmosphere can be modified by the behavior of people, animals and government decisions. Issues such as how these natural systems are related to each other are addressed in this minor. The influence of climate change on natural systems is discussed and how this issue should be dealt with in terms of policy. You will study the interaction between ecosystems, people, animals and the cycle of nutrients and water and you will learn how to model this interaction. Knowledge is then applied to sustainable solutions for water management, the management and restoration of nature reserves and the use of land for various purposes such as agriculture or the cultivation of energy crops.


More Information

For more information, contact student advisors Pieter Louwman or Sacha Handgraaf at studyadvisor.sd.bsc@uu.nl. Do you have practical questions, for example about enrollment? Then email studadm.geo@uu.nl.