Social Entrepreneurship

Social entrepreneurship is an increasingly important way to generate public value and solve societal problems. Social entrepreneurship is about individuals who see opportunities for new products and/or services and implement these, as an answer to societal challenges that existing governments, companies and NGOs are not yet addressing sufficiently. They realize this in a transparent manner and with a philosophy that does justice to all stakeholders. Social entrepreneurs can set up initiatives in the neighbourhood, start their own business, or develop initiatives within larger organizations.

This minor brings together economic, managerial, organizational and institutional knowledge about social entrepreneurship and gives you a thorough grounding in this new form of entrepreneurship and how to facilitate this. This knowledge can be of use as a future entrepreneur, as a policymaker, or as a co-designer of the entrepreneurship ecosystem.

Study Programme

The core of this minor is provided by the departments of Economics and Governance.  They have the perfect knowledge to teach you about social entrepreneurship because this form of entrepreneurship requires insights into (business) economic processes and dynamics in management and organization. In addition, the minor makes explicit use of the knowledge available within the UU platform 'Bottom-up Initiatives for Societal Change', part of the UU's research program on social entrepreneurship.

Choices and sequence in this minor

You can take the elements of this minor in any order. However, it is recommended that you complete elements 1 and 2 before starting elements 3 and 4

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Required Courses

Economics of Entrepreneurship (element 1)

This course examines the role of entrepreneurship in the economy, and includes addressing social and environmental impact.

Essentials of Entrepreneurship (element 2)

This course connects theory and practical knowledge of entrepreneurship. This course focuses on the business economics view of entrepreneurship and you will work on developing your own business model.
(EC2EBE1/2/3/4) in period 1, 2, 3 or 4

Social Entrepreneurship (element 3)

This course is more explicitly about individuals and organizations that focus social goals in the mission of the business, as well as the forces and tensions surrounding it.
(EC3SE) in period 4

Electives (choose one)

Business, Sustainability and Innovation (element 4)

(GEO3-2122), period 1

Innovation Management (element 4)

(ECB3IM) in period 3

Internship Entrepreneurship & Innovation (element 4)