Medieval Literature

In the minor Medieval Literature, you will explore the literatures brought forth by Latin, Irish, Welsh and Arabic medieval culture. You will learn what these literatures meant at the time of production and in their cultural context, but you will also explore how they have been interpreted and reinterpreted in later periods. Source texts will be read in modern translations.


Number of EC

30 EC

Number of courses

4 compulsory courses


Period 1

Minor coordinator

Dr. Aaron Griffith

Course overview

Medieval Literature

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Register between 3 June and 21 June 2024

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The minor ‘Medieval Literature’ introduces you to the literary heritage of the medieval period in Europe and the Near East. In addition to offering a broad reading of literary texts against a variety of linguistic and cultural backgrounds, the minor explores interpretations of that literature, both in the past and in the present, and it offers you theories and methods useful for discussing and analysing those interpretations.


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