In the minor History, we will cover the past from Antiquity to the present day in order to broaden your historical knowledge. Knowledge of the past is an essential tool to understand the present.
Please note: from academic year 23-24 it is no longer possible to enroll in this minor. 


Number of EC

30 EC

Number of courses

4 compulsory courses


Block 1 or 3


Dr. Sarah Carmichael

Course overview


Code minor


Entry requirements

None (not open to students who major in History or Geschiedenis). 

Associated MA-programmes

Start block 1: register between 30 May and 24 June 2022
Start block 3: register between 31 October and 25 November 2022

Make sure to register for the minor as well as all its courses


Our world is a complicated one. There are various ways to come to terms with this complexity. One important way to understand the world we live in is through the study of history. Knowledge of the past helps us to put current societies into perspective, and helps answer the question why the world today is the way it is; how have political situations today emerged, what is the background of the poverty we see in large parts of the world and why do we think the way we think?


To come to a better understanding of reality, historians look at long term developments and so in this History minor you will learn about the period from Antiquity right up to the present. We don’t just show what the most recent background of the modern world is ((Early) Modern History and Contemporary History) but we also hark back to the earliest history in which the foundations of modern society were laid. In this minor, offered by the department of History and Art History, you participate in courses from the first year of the History programme in order to gain knowledge of a different academic discipline. You are offered a broad perspective, glean historican knowledge, and are given insight into the methods, concepts and applications which History as an academic discipline makes use of. By looking beyond your own degree you learn how those working in other academic fields think and work.

After this minor you will have:

  • Knowledge of, and insight into the past from antiquity to the present day;
  • Familiarised yourself with the most important historical research methods and techniques and learned how to apply this to specific cases;
  • Gained insight into the importance of the past to better understand the present;
  • Practiced and applied academic skills and academic writing and research.

Matching Bachelor's programmes

The History minor is a good addition to many BA programmes for students who wish to study different historical periods, historical research methods and who are interested in the importance of history for understanding our present day socieites. This minor is potentially most interesting for students of PPE, economics, law, sociology, and business management.


The History minor constists of 4 courses. It is possible to start in block 1 or in block 3. If you start in block 3, you will take the courses Ancient History and Medieval History in the following year. 

Application and registration

How to register for this minor and its course modules, depends on whether you are a student of Utrecht University or not.

More information

If you wish to know more, or have questions about this minor, please contact the Student Desk Humanities.