Ethics in Modern Society

The minor Ethics in Modern Society addresses ethical issues and offers a step-by-step introduction to philosophical methodology.


Number of EC

30 EC

Number of courses

4 compulsory courses


Block 3


dr. Lucie White

Course overview

Ethics in Modern Society

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Entry requirements

none (see the course descriptions for course specific entry requirements)

Associated MA-programmes

Applied Ethics

Register between 30 October and 24 November 2023

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This minor serves as an introduction the broad field of "applied ethics". In block 3, you will be introduced to fundamental theories in ethics (Introduction to Practical Ethics) and political philosophy (Ethics, Globalization and Sustainability), and begin to apply them to specific, concrete problems in the real world. You will also work on philosophical skills - particularly essay writing, philosophical argument and philosophical methodology in applied ethics. These skills will be further developed and refined in the block 4 courses (Ethics of Technology and Bioethics) - which delve into two main areas of applied ethics. You will be exposed to an overview of the most pressing problems in these fields, with a variety of assessment tasks designed to develop philosophical skills, and given the opportunity to focus, in your assessment, on the concrete issues that interest you most.

Completion of this minor (with an average grade of 7.0) also allows students without a background in philosophy to qualify for admission into the Master Applied Ethics.


The minor Ethics in Modern Society consists of 4 four compulsory course modules (30 EC).

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