English Language and Culture

The English Language and Culture Minor aims to improve your command of the English language, in writing, speaking, listening and reading. You will learn to analyse English literary texts from a historical perspective and gain a general sense of the development of English-language literature and culture over the last four centuries.


Number of EC

30 EC

Number of courses

4 compulsory courses


Block 1


Dr. Koen Sebregts

Course overview

English Language and Culture

Code minor


Entry requirements

None (not accessible to students of the BA programme in English Language and Culture)

Associated MA programmes
Register between 30 May and 13 June 2022 12.00

Make sure to register for the minor as well as all its courses

Goal and content minor

The English Language and Culture minor is especially interesting in case you are interested in English, and in the literatures and cultures that make use of that language. As a global language, English is a useful means of communication in all fields of study. The minor offers an obligatory component of advanced English proficiency, comparable to what first-year students of English are taught.

This minor is not accessible to students of the BA-programme English Language and Culture.


    The minor English Language and Culture consists of 4 compulsory courses (30 EC):

    1. The minor starts with a linguistics course which helps you develop a native-like accent by training pronunciation and ear-training, based on an introduction into articulatory phonetics and the science of producing speech sounds. You will also give presentations and explore grammatical differences between English and Dutch.
    2. The focus then shifts to literature and culture from the second course onward: you learn a basic critical vocabulary, engage with genre, further enhance their presentation skills and construct properly-referenced academic essays.
    3. You will practise and apply these skills in the 2 survey courses in blocks 3 and 4, which approach British and American literature, respectively, from historical and cultural perspectives. You will have to report critically on your reading experiences in speech and writing with a very high degree of accuracy.

    Albion is the study society of the Bachelor's degree programme in English Language and Culture, but also offers those who follow the minor the opportunity to become a Friend of Albion. For more information, visit our website or email us at albionutrecht@gmail.com.


    Application and registration

    How to register for this minor and its course modules, depends on whether you are a student of Utrecht University or not.

    More information

    If you wish to know more, or have questions about this minor, please contact the Student Desk Humanities.