Cognitive and Clinical Neuroscience

This minor programme is a collaboration between Psychology (Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences), Biomedical Sciences (Faculty of Medicine) and Pharmacy (Faculty of Science). It offers a choice of courses that span the neurosciences, ranging from cognitive (Cognitive Neuroscience, Sensation and Perception) to clinical neuroscience (Central Nervous System Disorders, Psychopharmacology) and others in between. It will appeal to students with a background in Psychology, Biomedical sciences, Pharmacy, Biology or related fields, and with abroad interest in Cognitive and Clinical Neurosciences.

Study programme

The study programme consists of a choice between the following courses. In order to preserve the interdisciplinary nature and to limit overlap between major and minor programmes, choices are partly restricted by the student’s major: Students need to follow at least two courses from a programmeother than what they major in. All courses are level 3 (advanced) unless noted otherwise. Check carefully whether you satisfy the entrance requirements for minor before applying (see below).

Courses of the minor

Period 2 (semester 1, second half):

Period 3 (semester 2, first half):

Period 4 (semester 2, second half):

  • Central Nervous System Disorders (BMW31012) – Biomedical Sciences
  • Psychopharmacology (201700081) – Psychology

NB: To avoid a too large overlap between major and minor programmes, students from participating bachelor programmes follow at most two of the courses from their own bachelor programme as part of the minor.

Minor declaration

If you are a student of Utrecht University, the minor will be included in your International Diploma Supplement (provided that you have met all the requirements, of course).

If you are not a student of the University, it may be useful to request a minor declaration. This will allow you to demonstrate that you have successfully completed the minor. When you have passed all courses of this minor, you can apply for a minor declaration in Osiris Case. To do so, you must be enrolled in the minor.