Citizenship, Identity and Globalization

The minor Citizenship, Identity and Globalization (Burgerschap, Identiteit en Mondialisering)  offers an excellent preparation for the Master's degree programme Cultural Anthropology: Sustainable Citizenship.

In this Master's degree programme, you use theoretical analyses, case studies and ethnographic findings to gain knowledge and insight into citizen's initiatives in the areas of sustainable society, climate change, renewable resources, food security and safety, health, care, sociocultural integration and participation.

Working from the anthropological tradition of comparative ethnography, attention is paid to cultural diversity and differences based on imbalances of power, ethnicity, class, gender, age, health etc. in order to identify issues related to active citizenship and sustainable society.

Entry Requirements

Only students who are enrolled at a university and have completed the first bachelor year will be admitted to this minor.

Minor declaration

If you are a student of Utrecht University, the minor will be included in your International Diploma Supplement (provided that you have met all the requirements, of course).

If you are not a student of the University, it may be useful to request a minor declaration. This will allow you to demonstrate that you have successfully completed the minor. When you have passed all courses of this minor, you can apply for a minor declaration in Osiris Case. To do so, you must be enrolled in the minor.

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